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Which Golf Club Length Is Best for You?

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Golf Club Length
Golf Club Length
Published: 27 January 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Golf clubs are a fundamental part of the game and can considerably impact a golfer’s performance. As a golfer, it is our goal to hit the ball accurately and with power, but has it ever occurred to you that your Golf club length may be playing a role in your performance?

The relationship between the length of a golf club and a golfer’s height is significant, and a club that is the right length for one person may not be the right length for another. 

Having a golf club that needs to be properly sized for length is a major cause of inconsistent performance. It’s no different than someone 5’11 walking into a clothing store and buying a suit from the rack. The same is true for golfers. 

Golfers need clubs of the right length and size for their body type. It is especially true for those players who are much taller than average or much smaller than average. There are some important shaft length factors for the driver and the irons. Our Golf experts provide Golf club length Charts, which are helpful for you to select Golf Club Length according to your size and height.

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Importance of Golf Club Length 

The length of your club or shaft determines the comfort and efficiency of your game. When you play with the wrong golf club length, you will subconsciously compensate for your play style. If the club is too short for your body, you will spend hours hunched over, paying for a lack of power with heavier swings than usual. 

On the other hand, if the club is shorter, you will find yourself standing up too straighter than you need to and struggling to drive the ball with control. The correct club length will allow you to assume the most comfortable stance swing with the appropriate power and control. 

Additionally, shaft flexibility affects the power and precision of your swing, so getting it right along with the club length will certainly enhance your golf game. Moreover, read our expert guide on Which golf club hits the ball with the highest launch angle?

How Do You Measure the Golf Club Length

The length of a golf club is usually based on a player’s height, but a few other things can affect it, like how long your wrist is from the clubface to the floor or even what kind of club you’ll be using. We stick to our motto that golf isn’t complicated; it’s simple.

Static Measurement

The initial step in determining the optimal length of your golf club is to determine your height. You are likely already aware of your height; however, if you have embellished it on your online dating profile, it may be beneficial to re-take your measurements.

Height is the most straightforward way to determine the ideal length of your club, particularly for those new to golf. If you are satisfied that your height determines your club length, scroll down to the next page of this article to discover the optimal shaft length for your golf club.

Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

The height of the player typically determines the length of the golf club. However, wrist-to-foot measurements are the most precise for club fitting, as they consider how far the golfer will be holding their clubs from the ground.

Therefore, golfers with arms that are longer or shorter than their height may not be misfitted by selecting clubs based solely on height. If the golfer has shorter arms, they may need to use clubs longer than the height would suggest. Conversely, if the golfer has long arms as opposed to their size, they may be better off selecting a shorter club.

Stand on a flat surface, with your arms naturally at your sides, and wear the shoes you will golf in. Have a friend measure you from wrist crease to floor.

View the golf club length chart below to determine the optimal length for your club.

Golf club length
Which golf club length is best for you? 4

Driver Shaft Length

Drivers are designed to make you swing faster and farther. Generally, a longer shaft will give you a stronger swing and more distance. That’s why most golf clubs come with a 45-inch shank, two inches longer than the standard 43-inch shank from years ago. 

But shaft length isn’t the only thing that affects your swing. It’s hitting the ball in the right spot on the club face that gives you the most distance. Many PGA pros will use a shorter shank than the standard one because they want more control and intuition over their swing. 

But if you’re starting or playing intermediate golf, it’s best to stick with the standard length or whichever works best for you.

Golf club length
Which golf club length is best for you? 5

Iron Shaft Length

Irons already come with different shaft lengths. The 9-iron has a minimum length of 35 inches and a maximum length of 35.5. Starting with the 9-iron, the length increases by half a step until it reaches a 2-iron height.

That half a degree can make all the difference in the world when you have clubs that are the wrong length for you (or even too short). As we mentioned earlier, the wrong size of the golf club can mess with your game. That’s why choosing the correct iron length is so important.

Golf club length
Which golf club length is best for you? 6

Fitting process for Women Golfers

The fitting process for women is the same as for men. However, the standard length of golf clubs is typically one inch shorter than the typical length of men’s clubs. Consequently, the only difference is the expected length of clubs. Don’t miss our detailed guide on Best golf clubs for senior women.


For those golfers who are simply attempting to determine the correct length of their club, the above two static measurements can be easily completed at home. The total height of the club and the measurement from wrist to floor can then be used to identify the correct length of the club. 

However, for those looking for a more comprehensive and accurate fitting process, it is recommended to seek the services of a qualified professional who can consider the dynamic aspects outlined above and include these static measurements in the overall process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know the length of my golf club?

Before the grip installation, the golf club length can be determined. It is often done because the thickness of the grip at the end can vary from model to model, thus eliminating any uncertainty.

How long is the average golf club length for a male?

A male’s average golf club length is typically 36.5″ compared to 38.25″ for a female.

Do graphite shafts have to be longer? 

The answer is usually yes. The manufacturer usually makes the length longer to compensate for the swing weight difference. Graphite irons are usually ¼ to ½” longer than steel, and woods are usually ½ to 1″ longer than steel (if that’s an option).

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