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5 Best Golf Clubs For Short Men 2024 – Worth Buying

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Best Golf Clubs For Short Men
Best Golf Clubs For Short Men
Published: 15 January 2024
Written By Nimra Safdar

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Muhammad Asim

Golf is a sport that requires accuracy, grace, and a dash of elegance. Finding the ideal set of clubs is every golfer’s dream because accuracy plays an important role in the game.

The search for the perfect golf clubs gets even more complicated for those of us with shorter heights. But there is no need to worry about it because there are many brands available in the market that designed golf clubs that are specially meant for short men.

 If you’re a short golfer having challenges selecting the right club for yourself, you have nothing to fret about because our team has got you covered.

After thorough research of 45 hours, our team of experts has shortlisted 5 best golf clubs for short men among 25 different brands available on the market, which will help you to choose the best one & easily available on Amazon. You can also read our detailed Buying Guide on the best golf clubs for tall men.

Let’s discover the best golf clubs for short men in detail.

Our Top Picks Of Best Golf Clubs For Short Men

  • Best standard length option
    Best golf clubs for short men

    Callaway Strata Golf Set

  • Best Golf Clubs For 5’5 Man
    Best golf clubs for short men

    Willson Staff depp red tour complete set

  • Best Overall
    Best golf clubs for short men

    Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Clubs

  • Best Overall
    Best golf clubs for short men

    RAM Golf EZ3 Men’s Golf Clubs Set

  • Best Overall
    Best golf clubs for short men

    Precise M3 Complete

5 Best Golf Clubs For Short Men To Buy in 2024

Finding the right golf clubs may cause special difficulties for short men. But Your life could be changed by selecting the golf clubs that are fitted for short men. To meet the needs and preferences of short men, these clubs present an appealing fit of style, technology, and pleasure. The golf clubs listed below are the top options for men who are short in stature.

1. Callaway Strata Golf Set – Best Standard Length Option

Best golf clubs for short men


  • Ideal for beginner Golfers
  • It allows an easy landing on the approach
  • They are very forgiving Clubs
  • It is easy to hit


  • There are no long irons included in this set

Callaway Strata Golf Set is a standard-living golf club that is incredibly forgiving and flexible. It is designed to work at its best right out of the box for higher confidence from tee to green.

A set consisting of the lightweight 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and the putter is incredibly easy to hit and offers a great combination of distance, forgiveness, and control.

A titanium-headed, lightweight 460cc forged driver, a wide sweet spot, and increased forgiveness to help short-height golfers hit the ball farther off the tee. 

The set also contains hybrids that are great substitutes for complicated long irons that increase your confidence in a range of shots. It also includes a pitching wedge and 7, 8, and 9 irons. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, long, and forgiving set of standard-length golf clubs, then the Callaway Strata Golf Set is the Best Golf Club For Short Men to consider.

2. Willson Staff deep red tour complete set – Best Golf Clubs For 5″5 Man

Best golf clubs for short men


  • Best lie angles for short players
  • It has a driver with a very forgiving face
  • It comes up with a bag that is very high in quality


  • They are not Durable

Wilson Staff has a lengthy history in the golf industry and has long been a favorite among players. Golfers with intermediate skill levels are the ideal buyers for the Deep Red Tour Complete set.

A good mix of the driver, one wood, one hybrid, five to nine irons, PW, SW, and a blade putter are included in the set. It has five hybrids that replace your long irons; like the driver, it shot extremely straight and launched nicely.

The irons are all cavity-backed with the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9. This set has lightweight wedges which are easy to handle. Excellent alignment elements on the putter head make it easy to set up any shot on the green. 

Even though the set is designed for junior golfers, shorter players will find the shorter clubs helpful. The length of Deep Red Tour is ideal for you if your height is between 5’5 and 5’8 inches.

Since it is designed specifically for Short men golfers and has unique features like lightweight, high quality, and extreme forgivingness, it is my top pick for the Best Golf Clubs For Short Men and the one I recommend for Short men golfers who stand to gain from raising their game.

3. Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Clubs

Best golf clubs for short men


  • It has a gorgeous driver
  • It has Graphite Shafts
  • It comes up with a bag and a full set
  • It is affordable


  • It is generally known as a teen set, but the reason is their short length

Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Club is designed for you if you want to consistently perform on your golf course or the green. The Aspire XD1 men’s package set is an ideal set of golf clubs for players seeking improved precision, forgiveness, and distance.

This set’s features, which increase confidence overall, were created to assist golfers of all skill levels in improving their game. The Aspire XD1 set includes putters, hybrids, irons, and drivers.

Each of the golf clubs in this set is made with Graphite Shafts. The Graphite Shafts help players to swing clubs faster. The lighter the club is, the more it is to turn. The light weight of the club makes Aspire XD1 a smart choice for golfers.

For short men who wish to shine on the golf course, the Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Clubs are the Best Golf Clubs For Short Men to consider.

4. RAM Golf EZ3 Men’s Golf Clubs Set

Best golf clubs for short men


  • It offers a very good variety of clubs
  • It has very forgiving Irons
  • It is affordable


  • It could be better for those golfers who want long irons

Those who intend to improve their game may choose the Ram Golf EZ3 range. The features and designs of Ram Golf EZ3 help golfers with forgiveness and consistency. All the golf clubs you need to hit the course are included in the EZ3 full set, each made to improve your game.

The driver has a larger sweet spot and a capacity of 460cc. The Ram Golf EZ3 set’s #3 fairway wood and driver have regular flex graphite shafts, increasing club head speed. 

With a 21° hybrid design, short golfers can benefit from both the accuracy and control of iron, and it also provides the ease of distance to golfers that comes with a fairway wood. 

This RAM Golf EZ3 included five irons: 6-7-8-9-PW. They all have a deep cavity back design that increases the moment of inertia and the forgiveness for short golfers during off-center hits.

If you are looking for a club set that helps improve your accuracy and forgiveness on the greens, then RAM GOLF EZ3 is the best Golf club for short Men to pick up. 

5. Precise M3 Complete

Best golf clubs for short men


  • It has a stand bag with a rain hood
  • It is a very forgiving club set
  • Beneficial for beginners
  • It is a budget-friendly club


  • Best for low swing

The Precise M3 package comes complete and offers outstanding distance and forgiveness straight out of the box. The combination of the extremely forgiving irons and the aerodynamic design of the woods makes it easy for short-height golfers to hit straighter shots on the course.

The Precise M3 is known as a “complete” set because all the necessary clubs for short golfers are already included. The collection consists of drivers, fairway woods, 21 hybrids, irons, putters, and a stand bag with a rain hood in case of bad weather.

If you are a short-height golfer looking for a golf club set with high-quality components at an affordable price, then PRECISE M3 is the best golf club for short men 

Should a short man use women’s golf clubs?

Yes, Short men can use women’s golf clubs to improve their game as they are light in weight and have adjustable shafts, which helps short men achieve greater distance and clubhead speed.

Women’s golf clubs are better suited for smaller-height golfers because they are usually shorter than men’s. If your height is 5 feet 6 inches or shorter, using a women’s golf club will give you greater control and ease of shots in your game.

Furthermore, ladies’ golf clubs’ generally have smaller clubhead sizes that offer a greater sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits to short-man golfers.

In the end, having clubs that fit their needs and preferences is essential for any golfer, regardless of height or gender. Using women’s golf clubs is not required for short men; rather, it is up to them to decide what suits them best.

Factors to consider before buying the Best golf clubs for short men:

To make sure the golf clubs fit your height, swing, and playing style, it’s important to take a few factors into account when looking for the best golf clubs for short men. Following are some important considerations you should make before buying the best golf clubs for short men:

Club length:

For shorter players, the length of the clubs is the most important consideration. Overly long golf clubs can have a negative impact on your performance, posture, and swing. Seek out clubs with shorter shafts that are specifically made for shorter people.

Club Weight:

Take into account the clubs’ weight, as it can impact both your overall control and swing speed. Overly heavy clubs can cause fatigue and inconsistent shots. Choose clubs whose weight suits your swing comfortably.

Custom Fitting:

Have your golf clubs custom-fitted if at all possible. A professional fitting customizes the clubs to meet your unique requirements by taking into account your height, swing speed, and other personal characteristics. This can greatly enhance your performance on the course as a whole.

Club head design:

The clubhead’s design can affect distance, trajectory, and forgiveness. Clubs with a bigger sweet spot and a shape that encourages forgiveness on off-center hits may be advantageous for short men.


Before going shopping for the Best golf clubs for short men, decide on your budget. Although investing in high-quality clubs that fit your style of play is essential, there are options available at different price points. The price of a golf club set may range from less than $300 to more than $1600, based on the quantity and quality of the clubs. If you are a beginner, you might want to spend less on your original goal until you know that you will love the sport.

By considering these factors, You can make an informed choice and select the Best golf clubs for short men that are appropriate for their height, swing characteristics, and playing style.


It’s difficult enough that golf is challenging without dealing with taller players with a clear distance advantage. Thankfully, golf equipment manufacturers are paying attention to the needs of short golfers by providing well-balanced sets that will maximize their enjoyment of the game.

Now, after reading this full guide, you will be able to know about the quality and reputable brands that provide a variety of club sets that are beneficial for short men.

Considering the suggestion I made earlier in this blog, the Willson Staff Deep Red Tour is the Best Golf Club for short men as it is especially meant for male golfers who have a height between 5’5 and 5’7.

Precise M3 is also an ideal club set for golfers looking for quality clubs at a reasonable price.

Aspire XD1 is ideal for short-height golfers who want consistency in their performance.

After reading the above information in this guide, you can choose the Best Golf Club For Short Men.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

As a short man, what factors should I consider when selecting golf clubs?

The factors you should consider before buying golf clubs for short men include clubhead, shaft flex, and a clubhead design. 

How do I determine the right club length for my height?

A professional club fitting is suggested to find the ideal length for short men based on height, swing speed, and other personal factors.

What advantages do shorter shafts provide for short men?

Short shafts can help with comfort, control, and accuracy for short people, which can lead to a more efficient and stable swing.

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