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Top 7 Best Tall Womens Golf Clubs Sets In 2024

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Best Women’s Tall Golf Clubs
Best Women’s Tall Golf Clubs
Published: 12 January 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Muhammad Asim

Do you ever feel like golf clubs come in standard sizes, and finding the perfect fit for your body is hard? Especially in a sport about accuracy and comfort, having the right club for your body makes a huge difference. Enter the niche market of the best women’s tall golf clubs. It’s not just about length; it’s about finding the perfect balance of design, performance, and stature. 

So, what makes these clubs special for tall women, and how do incorporating special features enhance your golf experience? It’s no secret that finding the right best women’s tall golf clubs can be a daunting task. Endless options exist, from club length, shaft flexibility, clubhead design, and more, whether it is the best golf clubs for senior women or the best women’s irons for golfers

Our team tested 17 golf clubs for tall women. They find Cobra F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set is the best one. One of the verified customers at Amazon reviewed it, “Overall the set is fantastic. The first time out my drives were 20 yards further than my Adams driver. The bag is really nice too. Delivery was on time and packaged very well. The only thing is, a 5 hybrid is not a 5 wood. The shaft is much shorter. I’m not saying they are trying to trick people. I simply found out a hybrid is not the same as a 5 wood. My fault. I added my old 5 wood to the bag. Problem solved. Great clubs for the price.”

Let’s step back, explore the options, and find the best women’s tall golf clubs in 2024 to make you look and play better.

Our Products Summary Of Best Tall Womens Golf Clubs:

1. Overall Best Tall Womens Golf ClubsCobra F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • Golf clubs that are forgiving
  • Approximately 1 to 1.5″ longer than regular women’s golf clubs
  • Woods and hybrids that are easy to launch
  • Putter with a smooth feel
  • Comes with a trolley bag


  • Not the cheapest golf set available


If you’re looking for a tall women’s golf club, our top pick is for you! It’s designed as a men’s club, but the specs work well for ladies too. Shafts are 1-1.5″ longer than regular ladies clubs, but the swing weights aren’t too heavy. 

It comes with a driver, 3-wood, 2-hybrid, 6-iron-sand wedge, and putter. Plus, Cobra made it even easier by including an ultra-light cart bag that fits right on the base of your push-trolley. 

The fairway woods and hybrids are super forgiving, thanks to game-improvement tech, and the woods and hybrids have big sweet spots and low CG, so they’re easy to hit.

Leniency also extends to the irons & wedges, with perimeter weighting to keep the clubheads stable at contact and keep ball speed and spin in check. Putter’s simple blade head feels smooth on impact, but you will have trouble with distance control consistency on some mishits.

2. Best for Average to Tall Women – Wilson Women’s SGI Profile Complete

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • Lightweight clubhead for quick swings
  • One of the most affordable golf club sets available.
  • A low center of gravity for better launch
  • Compact cart bag for simple maneuverability


  • The feeling isn’t as pure as it would be with a more expensive set.
  • An additional fairway wood or hybrid would have been a great bonus.


This premium Cart bag is designed for women players, featuring a high-loft driver with a large sweet spot and optimized swing speed to improve ball flight and distance. 

Additionally, it features a lightweight graphite shaft (excluding putter) and soft, all-weather grips in women’s sizes. The irons are deep and perimeter weighted, with a center of gravity of 431 stainless steel for improved accuracy. 

The lightweight Cart bag is further enhanced with a double padded strap, a rugged handle top, one fleece-lined valuables pocket, and three spacious pockets. Finally, the Easy Launch Sand Wedge is designed with low weighting and a wide sole for improved greenside control and shot making.

For those on a tight budget who are looking for high-quality golf clubs that tall women can use without having to modify their stance or equipment, the Wilson Women’s SGI Profile Complete may be a good choice.

3.Best Premium Quality – Callaway Reva Complete Set Long

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • Golf clubs that are highly responsive.
  • Outstanding golf flight technology with a high launch
  • Perfect weighing for tall female golfers
  • Excellent golf bag with ample storage and club protection.


  • It would be fantastic to have one more fairway wood to complete the set.
  • There are no additional color options for golf bags.


Callaway’s REVA set is another top-of-the-line women’s set that we think deserves to be on this list. It’s got everything you need for a great round of golf, from a driver to a range of irons, pitching and sand wedges, and putters. Plus, it comes with a cart bag and 5 headcovers, so you know you’re getting the best of the best. Our testers really liked the driver – it had a high launch, ball flight, and a great feel – and the big, target-style hole on the face was easy to spot. 

The three wood and hybrids followed the same pattern. The irons were designed to help with mishits, and our testing showed that they were light and easy to swing, with great stability and forgiveness. We’d probably go with specialist wedges, but the clubs in this set are good enough for a basic pitch and chip shot.

This women’s golf set is distinguished by its included Stroke Lab putter, which is designed to assist with stroke speed and consistency. Our tested model was highly praised, particularly for its blue finish. This set is highly recommended for those seeking to simplify the game.

4. Best for High Handicapper (Or Beginner) Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • Sufficient clubs for a novice
  • Low lofted driver for a high launch
  • Affordably priced golf club set
  • Includes a lightweight stand bag
  • The milled putter delivers a clean roll.


  • Reduced swing speed tall ladies will have difficulty maintaining uniformity with standard flex shafts.
  • Significant disparity between the PW and SW


If you’re a tall female golfer with a high handicap, this Strata 16-piece set is a great option. It’s affordable, forgiving and robust. Even though it’s designed for men, it’s still a good choice for tall women who want to hit the ball at the top of the swing and hit it hard. 

The driver is an oversized 12-degree, and it is the easiest thing for golfers. Both hybrids in the set have great forgiveness and turf interaction, and they’ll hit the ball high from any lie. 

The irons have cavity backs and a perimeter weighting, which helps reduce the MOI and lower the CG. The setup also has a square clubface and an elevated launch, so you can expect consistent flight and distance.

Callaway also included a pitching wedge and sand wedge for short game play.There’s a 10° difference between the two sets, so you might want to add an approach wedge for the intermediate distance.

5. Best for Mid Handicapper – Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Club Set

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • consists of 12 men’s clubs
  • Reasonably priced set for taller female golfers
  • Extremely understanding long irons
  • Fairway woods and hybrids are simple to launch
  • Creates a striking distance


  • The plumber neck putter hosel is not appropriate for excessively arched strokes
  • The steel shafts may be difficult to use at slower swing rates


Tour Edge’s Bazooka collection of clubs provides a comprehensive range of options for a mid-handed golfer to navigate the links. The set includes a variety of long, medium, and short irons, designed specifically for men’s golf clubs. 

The irons are designed with thinner faces to optimize ball speed and transfer, making them easier to launch for mid-to-high swing speed tall female golfers. The range is well-stocked and Tour Edge has done a great job of reducing distance gaps, particularly at the bag’s top. 

While packaged sets often lack power, this set is well-equipped with two fairway woods and a hybrid, as well as long irons and pitching wedges to cover all greenside shots. The standard bag is lightweight and comfortable, with cushioned straps to protect the shoulders for a comfortable walk.

6. Best for Low Handicapper – TaylorMade RBZ Golf Club Set

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • wedges with a traditional shape
  • A pure mallet putter that rolls
  • Forgiveness at its best
  • High-jumping hybrids and forests
  • Contains twelve men’s clubs


  • Expensive
  • Golfers with low handicaps might favor less forgiving clubs


For low-handicapper, tall ladies seeking the convenience of a boxed set, the RBZ range may be a good option. They are both chunky and forgiving, which may discourage some players, however, they provide consistent play from tee to green which is invaluable regardless of your handicap. 

If refined irons are your preference for workability, I highly recommend reading our article on best womens irons for golfers Review. However, if you enjoy consistent strikes with woods, hybrids, or mid-irons, you will appreciate the comfort provided by lenient golf clubs as well.

The TaylorMade engineers have kept traditional wedges for short-game versatility, and they found the putter to be the best of the set in terms of feel, roll, acoustics, and putter placement. Pure Roll Technology promotes clean ball contact with the clubface, resulting in a smooth face-to-ball roll and limited skid. 

You will be pleased with the c-grind sole’s adaptability to any lie, as it minimizes the risk of clubhead digging into the turf.

7. Best Ladies Golf Club Set for Slow Swing Speed – Wilson Magnolia Golf Complete Set

Best tall womens golf clubs


  • Constructed especially to be tall women’s golf clubs
  • The lightweight design
  • Extremely tolerant set
  • Ample hybrids to facilitate a simple deck launch
  • Shorter clubs are available for Magnolia women’s clubs


  • The paint tends to peel off the woods readily
  • The distance between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge


The Magnolia set is composed of lightweight components, making it an ideal choice for those with slow-swing speed golfers. Wilson has fitted a ladies flex shaft to the clubs, extending the length to accommodate taller players. 

It’s easy to swing, however, you will be unable to control the clubface upon impact due to the increased torque and flex. Upon further investigation, it was determined that our team’s moderate swing speed necessitated the addition of a more rigid flex shaft. 

The flexibility of the set is beneficial for slower swingers, as it allows for the club to be released at the peak of the swing, resulting in maximum velocity.

The set is well-structured for mid- and high-level golfers, with a driver, fairway wood and three hybrids at the top, and a 7 iron at the bottom of the bag. The set is completed with a sand wedge, a versatile, forgiving and easy-to-play sand wedge. 

Lastly, the set is complemented by a winged mallet putter, providing outstanding stability and forgiveness.

Buyer’s Guide | Best Tall Womens Golf Clubs:

Women’s golf clubs may be slightly shorter than men’s clubs if the wearer is taller than 5’8″. Additionally, a lighter shaft and a softer flex may not meet the requirements of the golfer. 

To ensure a more enjoyable experience on the course and to reduce scores, it is important to consider the following factors when selecting a golf club set.

Club Length 

For tall women golfers, the average length of golf clubs can make it difficult to maintain proper posture. To avoid this, it is recommended to opt for a golf club that is an inch longer than the standard women’s clubs. 

This makes the clubs longer than men’s clubs, and is one of the reasons many tall women opt for clubs that are men’s length.

Shaft Flex

The standard ladies’ shaft is not designed to accommodate taller women due to its lack of flexibility. A graphite senior or regular golf club may be the most suitable option, as it offers a greater amount of flex and an additional length in the shaft, which can lead to improved accuracy and results.


The height of the golf club will only be beneficial in terms of forgiveness. Generally, a female driver with a high loft is approximately 15 degrees in height, which will facilitate a straight trajectory down the fairway face.

For those who find it difficult to control the driver due to the flexible shaft design, a male driver may provide optimal feedback. When making this decision, it is important to take into account both the swing speed and the height of the driver.

Shaft Material 

When taller female golfers broaden their search for men’s clubs, they may consider steel shafts as a viable option. However, it is important to exercise caution when considering steel shafts, as they may not be suitable for those with a lower level of fitness, swing speed, or stamina. 

While the first few holes may not be particularly challenging, steel shafts can quickly become fatiguing if the golfer is not prepared for them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a taller golfer, we hope we’ve made it easier for you to find the right club for you. There’s a ton of great best women tall golf clubs out there, but Cobra F-Max Super lite Golf Club Set is definitely one of the top picks because of its easy to use putter, woods and hybrids. Additionally it comes with a trolley. 

Just make sure you hit the ball in the middle of the clubface – sometimes, taller golfers bend over too much to fit shorter clubs, which can lead to some serious swing issues. 

Hopefully this little effort will help you to find the right best women tall golf clubs for you to get good results in your golf game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should tall women play golf using men’s clubs?

The length of clubs should be determined by how many inches the  woman’s knuckles are from the ground. If the woman is taller than 5’6″ or taller than 5’7″, she may require men’s length clubs. If the knuckle is longer than 30 inches, she will require men’s clubs.

How can I choose golf clubs that are appropriate for my height?

Basically, every 2″ or 2 ½” of height adds 1″ to the length of the club. So if you’re a taller person, it makes sense that you’d want a longer club. But it’s important to remember that a 1″ club length doesn’t necessarily mean that the club is 1″ longer from floor to ground.

Do LPGA players use men’s golf clubs?

Men’s clubs are a common choice for LPGA players. This isn’t necessarily due to height, but rather because LPGA players have very high swing speeds and require more resistance in their golf clubs.

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