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7 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men | Expert Guide 2024

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Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men
Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men
Published: 8 January 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Starting out on the golf course as a taller player than 6’5″, the story of struggling with standard club lengths is well-known. With members that are taller than 6’5″, my family is well aware of this difficulty.

My childhood playmate, who was 6’4″ tall by the time I was in the tenth grade, experienced the same frustrations. But worry not; the days of making compromises with uncomfortable clubs are coming to an end.

For those who have experienced the aggravation of swings that never felt quite right, this guide is more than just a list. It is a lifeline. It proves that the difficulties tall golfers encounter are recognized and taken seriously.

At last, a guide that matches the ambitions and character of those who aim high both on and off the fairway. before moving to the guide, for tall women golfers the clubs play a significant role and make them wonder why they are using the men’s golf clubs. Your solution is here Best Tall Women’s Golf Clubs

The seven best options for tall men’s golf club sets are listed below, so save yourself the trouble of looking for everything you need.

Our Top Picks Of Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

The Wilson Men Profile SGI, in my opinion, offers the best value for the money when it comes to a comprehensive golf club set, but the PXG 0211 Z tactical exceeds my expectations. To find out about the other five sets that were selected, keep reading.

1. Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Package Set – Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • A well-rounded collection of clubs
  • Carry bag that is lightweight and comfortable to use
  • A sand wedge is included in the set
  • Reasonably priced
  • Golf clubs with a high launch


  • The distance between the driver and the 5 wood
  • The clubs were only partially functional

The Wilson Profile SGi is my preferred golf club set for tall guys in 2024, and here’s why. First of all, the entire set feels right, and they are as forgiving as ever and easy on the pocketbook. And let’s talk about convenience—that lightweight carry bag they come in? An absolute game-changer, especially for those of us who are between 6’1 and 6’5.

Easy to transport, and plenty of room for all the necessities. When you are still getting the hang of the golf course, these clubs provide you with the variety you need. Hybrids and the woods? Because of their high moment of inertia, launches are more fluid than a flawless swing. What about the irons? City of consistency.

Long and high launches of those bad boys meant more carry distance and cloud-like landings. Not to mention the sand wedge, which is simple to use and launch, making those challenging green situations easy. Oh, and the putter? Literally, a brilliant move.

It is face-balanced, forgiving, and practically makes you a putting maestro. A pure roll and more precise putts? I would say yes. Now for the real talk: each set has its own quirks.

The Driver and the Five Wood are not the most versatile clubs on the market, and there is a little bit of a difference between them. But if they provide a reasonably priced all-around set, I would be willing to overlook them as the best golf clubs for tall men. The pros outweigh the cons with these baddies.

2. MacGregor CG3000 – Easiest Launching Clubs

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • Designed for golfers taller than 6’1″
  • Clubs forgiving
  • Launching at a high altitude
  • In a lightweight carry bag
  • They generate an adequate distance


  • The set is missing a sand wedge for chip and bunker shots
  • When carrying, the bag is unbalanced, resulting in clubs falling out

Now, allow me to reveal a little bit about the MacGregor GC3000, my reliable golf club companion. This set, which came in second in the tall men’s golf club competition, is an absolute lifesaver for us tall people. How come I adore it? To begin with, for those of us who are over 6’1, it is like the Goldilocks of golf club sets.

It has everything you need without breaking the bank. There are three things to check: distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. The carry bag that is lightweight is revolutionary. There is nothing like a wrestling match to get going; just sling it over your shoulder.

Speaking of consistency, these clubs do not play around. High launches, optimal length—they’re basically your wingmen on the course. For those of us who swing a little more slowly, the driver is an absolute dream. It launches that ball into the air as if it were natural.

The hybrid and five wood? No matter where you are, they ensure a clean strike for you, like butter on the turf. launching these infants, too? More effortless than brewing a cup of coffee. This is skinny now. They were unaware of the sand wedge memo.

Indeed, that presents a slight disadvantage for chips, flops, and bunker shots. The good news is that purchasing a sand wedge separately will not break the bank because the price is right. It has its peculiarities, yes. The bag can get a bit unbalanced, leading to some club acrobatics.

However, I am willing to make the trade-off for a set that will always have your back without breaking the bank. The benefits exceed the drawbacks, so why not shop for them while considering it the best option for the tall man golf?

3. Precise M5 Men’s Complete Package Set – Best Value Set For Tall Men

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • Affordably priced
  • Golf clubs with forgiving swings
  • Woods and irons with high launch potential
  • The set includes a lightweight, comfortable carry bag
  • Built for golfers up to 6’6″ tall


  • There is no sand wedge in the set
  • The medium driver loft is incompatible with the slower swing speed

Allow me to share with you why, for a tall guy like myself, the Precise M5 is my preferred set of golf clubs. It has the best value for money. Let us talk about value first. This set is like winning the lottery without going broke. Clubs that are reliable, have perfectly applied makeup, and have affordable prices.

With a maximum height of 6’6, these accommodating clubs are designed specifically for tall people. With the driver, three wood, hybrid, and long irons, the long clubs are now unmatched and provide ample distance for serious gapping.

Now for the surprising twist in the story: by ignoring a sand wedge, they sort of failed to deliver on their promise. woods and hybrids with Low and deep weighting? In other words, your golf ball is travelling far and high, and who would not want the best carry distance?

With a low centre of gravity and perimeter weighting that guarantees ball speed and spins on every shot, the irons are also no slouch, providing you with that lovely high ball flight and a soft landing. The worst part is that the pitching wedge is the only chipping club you have. Without that sand wedge, life can get a little tricky but do not worry.

You can easily find a sand wedge elsewhere because the cost of this set will not break the bank. The putter resembles a hidden weapon. Having a high MOI and being as forgiving as ever is the secret to improved alignment and accuracy, especially if you are still getting used to the green.

There are also some missing pieces in this set. There is not a sand wedge on the set, and not everyone may be comfortable in the driver’s loft. However, I think it is a win for a set that fulfils all your needs at a reasonable price as the best golf clubs for tall men.

4. Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Set – Best Golf Set for Tall Men Over 50

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • Entry-level cost
  • Golf clubs of high quality
  • The irons have a larger sweet spot
  • Carry bag that is lightweight and ergonomic.
  • High-launching long clubs


  • There is no sand wedge in the set
  • The distance between three woods and one hybrid

Alright, let’s break down the second Wilson wonder on our list – the Ultra range. For senior golfers who wish for a little more length, ball velocity, and clubhead speed, this set is like a magic wand. Wilson’s engineers increased the downswing speed by adjusting the aerodynamics to the maximum extent possible.

Here is a brief explanation of why this set is revolutionary. Big club heads that are forgiving like a saint—we are talking about a sweet spot the size of Texas and a high MOI for accuracy and distance control that work essentially automatically.

The plot twist, though, is that I saw a small gap between the 3 Wood and the 5 Hybrid. Additionally, the Ultra, like many sets, chooses hybrid technology rather than putting up with long irons. The 6-iron leads, and to be honest, it has a strong loft game. with no sand wedge in the lineup, those quick game shots become somewhat of a riddle.

The good news is that it is reasonably priced, so you can still afford a solitary sand wedge. The icing on the cake is that carry bag. It appears as though comfort was a priority during design. It is easy to carry around the course and is ergonomically light.

Embrace the absence of post-round neck and back pain. Pros? Fairly priced entry-level equipment, high-quality irons with a broader sweet spot, and long clubs that launch like they have places to be. Drawbacks? There is little space between the three woods and hybrids, and there is not a sand wedge in the mixture.

Still, it is a good deal considering the price. Without a doubt, the pros steal the show and never stop it from standing as the best golf clubs for tall men.

5. Precise Golf 18-Piece Oversized Men’s Complete Golf Club Set – Best for Mid-Handicappers

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • True Temper Shafts of the Highest Quality
  • High-Quality Hybrid Bag
  • Larger Grips for Greater Hand Comfort
  • 3-5 woods and 4 hybrids for longer approaches


  • A true beginner may struggle

Alright,  Precise Golf and their 18-piece men’s oversized set. I understand that Precise may not immediately come to mind when you think of golf clubs. This company, which has been around for more than 35 years, specialises in making affordable golf accessories. What makes this set unique, then? Currently, it has the most components of all the options on our list.

For that reason, this one is definitely for you if you are a taller, more experienced player. Speaking of comfort, those large/mid-size dual-compound grips from your clubs are like a warm handshake.

The Medium-Firm Flex True Temper Steel Shafts also have an extra inch that you may not have realised you needed because they are slightly longer than typical. But here’s the nitty-gritty. The hybrid stand bag’s hard rubber bottom protector makes sure that the golf cart’s interior is free of scuffs and slippage.

“What is in the box now? Prepare yourself: a full titanium driver for those effortless long shots, a hybrid to replace the 3–4 iron, irons from 5 through the sand wedge with improved perimeter weighting for additional forgiveness, and a lightweight putter that serves as your virtual guide to the ideal roll.

The oversized grips provide additional hand comfort, along with premium True Temper shafts and a high-quality hybrid bag. The 3-5 woods and 4 hybrids are your golfing wingmen for those longer approaches. If you are a complete beginner, you might find yourself doing a golf hustle dance.

However, for experienced players, this set is a game-changer in the of the best golf clubs for tall men.

6. MacGregor DCT 3000 Men’s Golf Set – Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • Reasonable cost
  • Well-prepared for the long haul
  • Simple woods and hybrids to launch
  • incredibly forgiving irons
  • Large golf cart purse


  • The set has no sand wedge
  • Priced slightly higher than other tall men’s golf sets

Here are some details about the MacGregor DCT 3000, my trustworthy link-building partner. For myself and other tall, high handicappers, this set is comparable to a Swiss Army knife.

Although it costs a little more, I promise you that the quality and structure of this club make it well worth the money, particularly if your goal is to become a player with a mid-handicap. A 3 wood and 3–4 hybrids combined with a high MOI driver and low CG make for an almost ideal yardage combination.

Like having a cheat code at the top of your bag for maximum distance. Prepare for some extra yards on those approach shots, high handicappers. There is no sand wedge on the set.

I was giggling at the forgiveness of those perimeter-weighted irons, but where was the sand wedge? Not cool. And finally, the cherry on top: that sturdy nylon cart bag. It functions similarly to a compact multi-pocket storage unit, making sure you have room for everything but the kitchen sink.

An excellent long-game team at an affordable price, easy-to-launch hybrids and woods, forgiving irons, and a roomy golf cart bag are all features. It costs a little more than other golf sets in the category of tall man golf and does not come with a sand wedge. But believe me when I say that the pros steal the show.

7. PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set + Bag – Premium Pick For Tall Golfers

7 best golf clubs for tall men | expert guide 2024


  • Reasonable cost
  • Well-prepared for the long haul
  • Simple woods and hybrids to launch
  • incredibly forgiving irons
  • Large golf cart purse


  • The set has no sand wedge
  • Priced slightly higher than other tall men’s golf sets

The PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Golf Set PLUS Bag is a bit pricey, but boy, does it feel like golfing with a hint of luxury? Let us get started. If you are new to the game or just want to occasionally hit the greens, this set is your pass to easy hits. Let me tell you why this set is so revolutionary.

With a 16-degree loft, the driver is practically a superhero; you can launch the ball straight and high without exerting much energy. Hybrids are also worth discussing because they are similar to golf’s “easy button.” Easy hits with no drama. With this set, quality is everything.

Everything about this golf set screams excellence, from driver to putter. Additionally, there are the accessories: stylish PXG hats, premium headcovers, and a lightweight carry bag that serves as the finishing touch.

It comes with a price tag that may cause you to pause. However, considering what you are getting, it is like having a golf genie come true for all your wishes.

Prepare yourself for the golfer’s dream team: a 16-degree driver to dominate the tee box, a 4 wood and 5 hybrids to close those distances, a set of hybrid irons from the 6 through the sand wedge, a sleek HellCat putter, four headcovers that serve as your clubs’ bodyguards, and a PXG hat that is the golfer’s equivalent of a crown.

Although the PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Set PLUS Bag is more expensive than other options, you are investing in a golfing experience that is superior to others rather than just buying clubs.

For golfers who prefer a little extravagance while playing, this is the best golf clubs for tall men. Simple hits with excellent accessories It may be pricey, but for a golfing paradise, it is well worth the money.

Full Set for Tall Man Golf or Individual Club Purchases: Which is Better for You?

Investing in a full golf set is similar to winning the lottery for savings. It is less expensive to purchase the woods, wedges, irons, and bag all together than it would be to purchase each item separately.

So, if you’re diving into golf without all the gear, snagging a complete set is the smart move; it keeps things simple and easy. The thing about complete sets, though, is that they tend to box you in. Shafts and lofts that they throw at you are your permanent situation.

On the other hand, selecting individual clubs allows you to be picky. Do you wish to hold a golf shaft that seems like magic or one with a particular loft? I understand. However, and this is a big but, collecting every club one by one is like witnessing a slow burn in your wallet.

Without a doubt, it is expensive. So there you have it: save big and give up a little customization with a complete set, or go all-in on customization and watch your bank account cry with each club purchase

Golf Club Shaft Length For Tall Male Golfers

As per the research longer shaft could be the difference between success and failure in the game of golf for taller players. It all comes down to correcting your posture and allowing for that wrist-to-floor distance. Therefore, longer shafts are somewhat like the secret ingredient for the ideal swing for taller golfers.

Wrist to FloorDriver Length5-iron Length
27” to 29” 42”  36 1/2
29+” to 32”42 3/4”  37”  
32+” to 34”43 1/2”37 1/2”  
34+” to 36”44” 38
36+” to 3744 1/4” 38 1/4”  
37+” to 38”44 1/2” 38 1/2”
38+” to 39”44 3/4| 38 3/4”
39+” to 40”45”   39”
40+” to 41”45 1/4”39 1/4”  
41+” to 42”
45 1/2”
39 1/2”
39 3/4+” 

FINAL THOUGHTS- The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men:

In conclusion, a variety of options are now available to taller golfers to meet their specific needs. Our top pick is the Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set, which excels in distance, forgiveness, affordability, and set composition.

These clubs provide the ideal combination of length and accuracy for players of all skill levels, and they come with a convenient lightweight carry bag. Keep in mind that different tall golfers have different needs.

While some may play better with clubs that are regular length, others may benefit from longer shafts. It is easier than ever to embark on the path to the best possible golfing experience, customised for your height and ability level. Explore our other pieces for valuable insights as you navigate the links.

Authentic Review By The User of Wilson Men’s Tall Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set5-star

I bought these as my first set of clubs. I love them; they look great and feel great on the course. They are very lightweight, but they pack a punch with a great swing. The appeal and design of the clubs look great and are an eye-catcher!

Frequently Asked Questions- The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men:

What makes golf clubs suitable for tall men?

Longer golf clubs are better for taller men because they promote a more comfortable stance and appropriate swing mechanics. Other important considerations are the clubhead design, grip size, lie angle, and shaft flex.

Why is shaft flex important for tall golfers?

The shaft flex should match the golfer’s swing speed. Taller players with faster swings tend to favour stiffer shafts for improved performance and control.

What is the significance of lie angle for tall golfers?

In order to accommodate height, the lie angle must be changed. Golfers who are taller might require a flatter lie angle in order to maximise their game and ball striking.

How do clubhead design and forgiveness impact tall golfers?

Particularly for tall players, clubheads with a forgiving design provide more stability and enhanced performance by compensating for swing inconsistencies.

Why does grip size matter for tall golfers?

Comfort and control are ensured by choosing the appropriate grip size. For better results, taller players should select grips that fit their hands.

Do tall golfers need longer shafts in their clubs?

Taller golfers, especially those around 6’6, may benefit from clubs with an extra inch on the shaft. However, players at heights of 6’0 to 6’1 might find regular-length clubs suitable.

What is the significance of a forgiving putter for tall golfers?

A putter with a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) that is forgiving can aid taller players in making more accurate putts and guarantee a pure roll, both of which enhance cutting performance.

How important is the affordability factor in choosing golf clubs for tall men?

Being affordable is important, and products like the Precise Golf 18 Piece Men’s Oversized Set are appropriate for tall golfers on different budgets because they strike a balance between quality and price.

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