The inspiration behind Golfclubs129 is Mr.Zafar Mehmood, a true specialist in the fairways and greens. Dedicated to perfecting the game and spreading that love to the golfing community, Zafar Mehmood has devoted his life to golf.

As a passionate player With 13 years of experience in the game, Zafar Mehmood used his knowledge to create a distinctive online environment that appeals to both novices and experts in golf.

Zafar Mehmood noticed that he should use his 13 years of experience to create an all-encompassing and interesting platform that could be a gathering place for players of all skill levels. This insight inspired the development of Golfclub129, a go-to source for golfers looking for smart advice, knowledgeable guidance, and a lively community to share their passion.

Along with his team, Zafar Mehmood concentrates on the things that help golfers to improve their game. He wants to ensure that golf stays a good part of a golfer’s life, whether through exercise, Choosing the best clubs for your game, or even the game’s mental aspects.

Along with his team, Zafar Mehmood brings a vision for building a global golf community. Every element of Golfclubs129, from instructional articles and equipment reviews, reflects His dedication to making golf accessible, enjoyable, and educational for every type of golfer.

In addition to influencing golf’s current state, Zafar Mehmood is building the infrastructure for an even more exciting future in which each stroke tells a story, and every player can find a home at

What is in the Golf Bag of Zafar Mehmood:

  • Driver: Ping G425 Driver 12°
  • Fairway Woods: Ping 425 (3 & 5)
  • Hybrid: Ping 425 Hybrids (4, 5, 6 hybrid)
  • Irons: Ping 430 (7 iron – 9 iron)
  • Wedges: Ping 430 54° & 58°
  • Putter: Ping Anser 2 Putter 34″