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Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good | 8 Are Best Selling

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Are Tour Edge golf clubs good?
Are Tour Edge golf clubs good?
Published: 23 January 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

The clubs I play with can have a big influence on how well I play on the golf course because golf equipment is always changing. By offering a combination of innovation and affordability, Tour Edge has made a name for itself among the many options available.

“Are Tour Edge golf clubs good?” was a common question I heard across fairways and greens. In this investigation, I used Tour Edge golf clubs and have enough experience to dissect the reputation, technology, and real-world performance of Tour Edge golf clubs.

No matter how much experience you have, join me in examining the subtleties of Tour Edge’s offerings as a  supreme club tour. 

Are Tour Edge golf clubs better than golf clubs from top producers like TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist? Let’s find out. 

Tour Edge History 

In 1986, David Glod, a former professional golfer, founded Tour Edge in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. It seeks to change consumers’ perceptions of value and quality with an inexpensive, cutting-edge product. Tour Edge’s success can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the distinctive features that set them apart from other golf equipment manufacturers.

Hot Launch, which provides the best performance design and game improvement at a mid-range price point; Exotics, which are ultra-premium, extremely innovative clubs used by over 135 elite players; and their “Get in the Game” line of products, which includes complete sets for any beginner on a tight budget who wants to start playing golf, are the three distinct product lines under which the brand currently produces golf clubs. 

Previously, the Tech Edge golf club series was well-known enough to generate significant revenue for the Tour Edge brand. The handcrafted clubs from this brand come with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and quality, and orders for custom fits can be delivered nationwide in 48 hours.

Tour Edge has risen through the ranks in part because it is one of the most-played brands on the PGA Tour and because it employs professionals.

Do Any Pros Play Tour Edge?

In every major championship and multiple Ryder Cups, professionals have utilized Tour Edge clubs. Currently, over a hundred professional golfers use Tour Edge.

Golfers using Tour Edge clubs have won nineteen professional titles on the PGA Tour, including the PGA Champions Tour. More than 160 PGA Tour pros have used more than 3400 Tour Edge clubs as of late. You may like read our detailed article on What golf clubs do the pros use?

How Do They Compete In The Market?

For a number of reasons, Tour Edge has established itself as a supreme golf club tour manufacturer. The following important elements help to make Tour Edge an excellent option for golfers: 

Creative Thinking in Design:

Tour Edge has a reputation for being a leader in club design innovation. The organization is always investigating and incorporating new technologies to improve the clubs’ performance. Modern styles and materials are particularly on display in the “Exotics” line.

The Exotics Line Show:

A testament to Tour Edge’s quest for high-performance golf clubs is the Exotics line. Tour Edge seeks to give golfers clubs that offer remarkable forgiveness, playability, and distance by utilizing cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber and titanium.

Options for Custom Fitting:

Since every golfer is different, Tour Edge provides options for custom fitting. As a result, golfers can customize their clubs to fit particular swing traits, tastes, and physical characteristics, making for a more enjoyable and productive game.

Economical Value:

Tour Edge is frequently complimented for providing excellent service at affordable costs. The company’s dedication to producing golf clubs that are both reasonably priced and highly effective makes it a desirable option for players seeking value for their money.

Durability Reputation:

Tour Edge clubs are renowned for their robustness and high-quality construction. Golfers’ general satisfaction and faith in the brand’s products are a result of its dedication to producing durable equipment.

Reliable Performance:

Golfers frequently comment on Tour Edge clubs’ reliable performance. Tour Edge strives to produce consistent and dependable results, whether it is with the irons’ forgiveness, the wedges’ accuracy, or the drivers’ distance off the tee.

Tour Edge Turning Point- Exotic Line Technology

In the golf industry, Tour Edge became well-known in the 1990s. The business established a reputation for providing high-performance products and concentrated on creating technologically sophisticated clubs.

Tour Edge kept adding new products to its lineup, such as putters, hybrids, irons, fairway woods, and drivers.  With the introduction of its Exotics Club line in 2005, the brand’s tour confirmation began. The company introduced technologies like “Exotics,” a line of high-performance, premium golf clubs known for their imaginative designs and materials.

With the goal of giving golfers more performance and distance, the Exotics line of clubs become highlighted for combining cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber and titanium into club designs.

Before Tour Edge gave its endorsement, a number of Tour athletes began utilizing the Exotics brand of clubs, but in the end, the company won ten PGA Tour championships. The fact that Golf Edge offers a lifetime guarantee on each of their clubs is another feature that sets them apart from the competition.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good For Seniors?

Depending on the playing style, physical characteristics, and personal preferences, seniors may find that Tour Edge golf clubs suit their needs. Lightweight golf clubs can be easy to use and are beneficial to a lot of senior citizens. Tour Edge frequently uses cutting-edge materials—like graphite shafts—to lower the total weight of their clubs.

As a result, seniors may find it easier to maintain a steady and effective swing with greater swing speed and less joint strain. Forgiveness features are available in Tour Edge clubs, especially in their hybrids and irons, that improve game performance. Clubs that forgive off-center hits are especially useful for seniors who may see a decline in their swing speed or accuracy.

This helps them maintain distance and accuracy. Seniors can customize their clubs to meet their specific needs with the help of Tour Edge’s custom fitting options. Shaft length, flex, and other features can be customized to make sure the clubs are tailored to the particular swing characteristics of senior golfers.

Tour Edge’s Exotics line may offer options that appeal to advanced players seeking improved performance for seniors with more experience who still swing at a higher speed. While many seniors find Tour Edge to be a good option, it is important for each person to take their own needs and preferences into consideration. 

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good & Are Best-selling:

Let me examine some of the most popular clubs on the Tour Edge lineup, their highlights, and potential advantages for you; More over you can read our expert guide on are wilson golf clubs good?

1. The Best Tour Edge Complete Men’s Golf Club Set- Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 370 Complete Set

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-tour-edge-golf-lh-bazooka-370-complete-set. Webp
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 9

The Tour Edge 370 is a game-changer for senior golfers, offering a lightweight set designed to maximize clubhead speed for a smooth swing and reduce fatigue. Graphite shafts minimize vibrations, enhancing comfort and reducing joint strain.

The oversized clubheads and perimeter weighting create a wider sweet spot, promoting forgiveness on off-center hits and improving overall performance. The high-launch technology is beneficial for longer clubs, ensuring optimal launch angles for hybrids and woods.

The comprehensive set includes a driver, hybrid, fairway wood, irons (6–9), putter, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a practical stand bag. With its stylish design and functional features, the stand bag complements the set perfectly.

The Tour Edge 370 is a confidence-inspiring choice for senior golfers, combining performance, intelligent design, and craftsmanship to provide everything needed for an enjoyable and fulfilling golf experience.

Authentic User Review

I got a set for Christmas and they work great for me I play with about a 10 handicap and I have been playing really well with them. The driver is a lot better then it looks I can hit a ball about 275 with it.

2. The Best Tour Edge Complete Women’s Golf Set- Tour Edge Lady Edge Women’s Half Complete Set

2 tour edge lady edge womens half complete set
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 10

At the beginning of a golf game. Many female players find it tough to buy complete 14-set golf clubs, and if they do, they don’t know how to use half of them, but the Tour Edge Lady Edge Half complete set kept this in mind and manufactured this set for petite beginners to mid-handicapped female players.

This set includes fairway woods, a driver, and a hybrid because irons are for low-handicapped or faster hitters, but these clubs maintain the proficiency of 20-plus handicappers and class on the golf course.

This set also includes a putter, which is also ranked as the best women’s golf putter, and irons, which can be good for mid-handicappers, but for total beginners, it will be tough to handle their shots. This also includes a stand bag that petite females can carry for a walk.

Mid-hand handicappers and petite players find it tough to get high club head speed That’s why the half-club set is the best option for petite women because they have easy-to-hit clubs that are one inch shorter than petite golfers, and it makes the game more fun.

So why not so many features at such a reasonable price?

Authentic User Review

Had no clue this service existed. My husband has mentioned wanting to get into golf for some time and I thought a complete set would be a great Christmas gift for him. Somehow I landed on Curated with Bobby as my expert helper.

I was pleased to come across an actual live person to assist me with the purchase since I had no idea where to even start. Bobby was friendly, quick in responding and very thorough with his research and provided me various offers. He gave me detailed recommendations and even sent a video explaining his suggestions.

3. The Best Tour Edge Golf Iron Sets- Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons

3 tour edge exotics e722 irons
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 11

It really surprised me that the irons are so well-made and so simple to hit. They are specifically made for players with mid-to-high handicaps, like myself, who place a high value on performance consistency and dependability. 

I noticed the club’s easy interaction with the smooth turf; its slightly wider soles made it easy for me to push through the grass. One of Tour Edge’s best features is its lifetime product warranty, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The fact that I can contact customer service and they will take care of any issues if something were to happen to one of the clubs offers me unparalleled peace of mind. These irons are simple to swing because they have graphite KBS shafts, which are lightweight.

Despite the possibly bulky cavity back design, the thin top line when addressing the ball gives the impression of a thinner club. This design is sleek and very forgiving at the same time.

Although these irons are not ideal for players who prefer to shape shots on the fly, they do an excellent job of keeping the ball straight over a long distance. In my opinion, they consistently provide a fun and satisfying golfing experience in the Exotics Golf Club series. 

Authentic User Review

Nice soft feel, forgiving and a good looking club.

4. Best Tour Edge Hybrid Clubs-Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Hybrid

4 tour edge hot launch e522 hybrid
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 12

The E522 hybrid is a game-changer for players like me who are after three essential things: control over the slice, a quicker and higher launch, and, of course, more distance. I recently had the opportunity to test it out in various lofts: 19°, 22°, 25°, and 28°. 

Thankfully, the E522 outperformed me in all three categories and included some amazing technology that is similar to the E522 driver and woods. My expectations for higher shots were high going into the testing, and the E522 did not disappoint.

For those who have suffered from that problem, I noticed a notable decrease in slices in addition to the higher shots. Even more notable was the sensation that I  could swing a little bit quicker, which gave me the assurance to hit the ball farther.

I refer to it as a win-win-win situation. Looking closer, the E522 has Diamond Face 2.0 technology, which improves energy transfer back into the ball for more forgiveness and distance, particularly on off-center hits.

I was able to easily hit those higher shots because of the shallow and low-profile club shape, which helped to lower the center of gravity. Not to mention the offset design, which is a valuable ally in the battle against slices and helps to promote straighter, more consistent shots.

Based on my testing, the E522 hybrid is more than just a club—it is a dependable partner on the course that helps with everyday obstacles and gives you a noticeable increase in distance and control. Consider the E522 if you are searching for a hybrid that fulfills all of your requirements.

Authentic User Review

Club performs as well similar clubs that sell for significantly more.

5. Best Tour Edge Wedges -Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Wedge: 

5 tour edge hot launch e522 wedge
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 13

The Tour Edge E522 wedge, which I recently acquired, is a good option for beginners or anyone searching for a dependable wedge without all the extra features. The simplicity that appeals to the average player is what caught my attention. It is easy to swing out of the rough because of its large face and sole, which also provide a forgiving touch.

It is a good option for chip-and-roll around the greens, but it also spins the ball on longer shots. The crisp sound that I heard upon contact enhanced the overall impression. I was able to obtain the required stopping power from 25–50 yards, demonstrating its usefulness in the short game.

It is a dependable partner for creating smooth contact in challenging situations. However, this wedge might not be for you if you are hoping for rapid and reliable ball checks next to the green.

It is more about plain performance, which makes it perfect for people who value usability and simplicity.

To sum up, for the beginner or someone looking for dependability without needless complications, the Tour Edge E522 wedge is a straightforward choice.

Even in the short game, it accomplishes the task efficiently, even though it lacks some of the extras.

6. Best Tour Edge Fairway Woods- Tour Edge Exotics C722 Fairway

6 tour edge exotics c722 fairway 1
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 14

As we continue our testing of the Exotics golf club line, let us move on to the Tour Edge Exotics C722 fairway wood. This club, which will be available in 2022, is truly exceptional. Players can easily select between the E and C options depending on their needs; the C line is intended for players with a lower handicap.

To begin with, the C722 is a stylish, conventional club. It is modern without being overwhelming, like the carbon fiber plate in the crown. My attention was drawn to the sleek and well-coordinated design of the sole, which features a 90-gram tungsten plate.

There are minor but significant differences between the C722 and its equivalent, the E722. Its overall shape is more rounded, and its face angle ranges from square to slightly open. The C722 is performance-oriented and designed for long-range.

Even on off-center hits, the carbon crown, titanium head, and Diamond Face technology work together to produce exceptional ball speed. It is not as forgiving as the E722, but the speed and low spin turn it into a real distance machine if you can find the sweet spot every time. My impression was further enhanced by the variety of shaft options available at no extra cost.

The C722 offers a choice between ultra-light options such as the Fujikura Air Speeder and Mitsubishi’s TENSEI shafts. In summary, the Tour Edge Exotics C722 fairway wood is an exciting option for players like myself who value distance and possess the ability to consistently hit the sweet spot.

It’s a club that might just make you reconsider reaching for your driver. But the E722 Fairway Wood might be a better choice if forgiveness is important to you.

Authentic User Review

I needed a club to fill a gap between my 3 iron hybrid and my #3 fairway wood. The Tour edge C722 #5 fairway wood with a Ventus Blue stiff shaft was a perfect fit. It has a mid-high ball launch with roughly 215 yards of carry, over tall trees when needed, for a 230 yard total distance when I stripe it. Mishits lose about 10 yards which is acceptable. The club is very forgiving with a tight dispersion patter that helps with my confidence.

7. The Best Tour Edge Drivers- Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver

7 tour edge exotics c722 fairway
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 15

I recently acquired the Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver, and for senior players like myself who are looking for distance and accuracy, it is revolutionary. Its deep center of gravity and considerable face flexing provide the ideal apex heights for remarkable carry distances.

Quick ball speeds are ensured by important features like the Diamond Face 2.0 from both center and off-center strikes. For consistently straight ball flights, the deep CG casing with a rear sole weight adds stability and reduces twisting.

Because of the 360-degree cup face design, there is flexibility throughout the whole clubface, guaranteeing dependable launches from every point of impact. A strong sound and feel are provided by internally adjusted acoustic resonance channels, which enhance the whole experience.

Additionally, the power channel located behind the face improves face flexing for a stronger launch and a longer range. To put it briefly, the Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Driver is an incredible piece of technology that I will always have in my bag.

This driver is a great choice if you want the latest technology combined with a reliable feel and sound. It is the best tour edge driver for seniors. 

Authentic User Review

I have absolutely love this club. It’s very forgiving, it absolutely crushes the ball. It feels great when you hit the sweet spot. It’s just everything you would want for this price. However, it literally sounds like a gun going off when you hit it. When I hit the net in my backyard dogs will bark from two blocks away. It’s just not like anything I’m used to. That is my only con.

8. Best Tour Edge Putter- Tour Edge HP 02 Putter

8 tour edge exotics c722 fairway
Are tour edge golf clubs good | 8 are best selling 16

The Tour Edge HP 02 putter, which I recently tested out, is a good choice, particularly for beginners.  Its affordability, which makes it fairly accessible without breaking the bank, is what initially drew my attention.

It felt especially comfortable and had a good grip, which is why I loved the tacky, oversized grip. A nice touch to the overall appearance is the wing mallet style, which is visually pleasant and easy on the eyes.

I find that the plumber’s neck keeps the head square at the address, which is a visual win. It is crucial to remember that this putter might not be the best option for everyone.

There is not enough moment of inertia (MOI), which causes the backswing and follow-through to be a little erratic. On longer putts, it can be difficult to judge distance due to the extremely hard surface. It is not a feel putter, in my opinion, and serious golfers may find some features lacking.

To summarize, the Tour Edge HP 02 is a good choice for someone trying to buy their first putter without going over budget. New golfers find it appealing because of its grip, mallet style, and affordability. 

However, you might want to look into other options in the long run if you are looking for advanced features or a softer feel.

Authentic User Review

The first time you put it in your hands, you know that you have the right putter. Great feel and alignment.

Final thoughts- Is Tour Edge a good golf brand?

My personal experience tells me that Tour Edge golf clubs are among the greatest available right now. Their well-considered design, which accommodates ladies, juniors, seniors, and high handicappers, is what sets them apart.

These clubs are clearly designed to cater to the individual needs of various players while keeping a particular demographic in mind. Aside from their outstanding quality, what makes Tour Edge unique is their affordability.

Tour Edge has shattered the stereotype that top-notch quality always necessitates a top-dollar investment in the often-expensive world of golf. By providing clubs that are not only more performance-oriented but also more affordable for a wider variety of golfers, this brand has completely changed the game.

As a golfer, I genuinely value this change in the industry as it is refreshing. Don’t miss to read our article on Are PXG Clubs Good?

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Tour Edge offer?

Tour Edge offers a variety of golf equipment, including drivers, irons, fairway woods, hybrids, putters, and complete sets.

How does Tour Edge compare to other golf brands in terms of quality?

Tour Edge is often praised for providing quality golf equipment at reasonable prices. However, opinions on brand preferences can vary among golfers.

Are Tour Edge clubs suitable for beginners?

Yes, Tour Edge offers clubs designed for golfers of all skill levels, including beginners. Their complete sets are often recommended for those who are new to the game.

Can I customize Tour Edge clubs to fit my specifications?

Some Tour Edge products may offer customization options. It’s advisable to check with authorized dealers or the official website for information on custom fitting services.

Are Tour Edge clubs used on professional tours?

While Tour Edge may not be as prevalent as some other brands on professional tours, some golfers on various tours may choose to use Tour Edge equipment. The popularity of brands among professionals can vary.

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