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Evaluating Are Wilson Golf Clubs good – Expert Insights

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Are Wilson Golf Clubs good
Are Wilson Golf Clubs good
Published: 5 January 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Muhammad Asim

Have you ever wondered if the secret of a golfer’s success isn’t just in their swing but in the Golf Club they choose? Welcome to Wilson Golf Clubs – the world where perfection meets innovation on the green. The question that reverberates across fairways is, “Are Wilson Golf clubs good?”

Wilson goes beyond the mundane, crafting clubs that aren’t just tools; they’re the architects of your success. With a unique blend of tradition and state-of-the-art innovation, Wilson Golf Clubs are redefining the game. Every swing resonates with the essence of Wilson Golf Clubs. From the elegant arc of the driver to the delicately placed putter, the magic lies in Wilson’s ability to meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels. So, if you’re looking for that perfect swing, ready to take on the course, Wilson is here to help. Take your game to the next level. Embrace precision and let every stroke speak for itself.

You are still looking for the answer to “Are Wilson golf clubs good?”. Let’s dive into the world of Wilson golf clubs and have the answer are Wilson golf clubs good?

The Wilson Golf Story: 

Wilson Staff is a renowned golf division of Wilson Sporting Goods. The company specializes in golf equipment and has been creating high-quality golf clubs since 1914.

Wilson is a major golf brand for professionals and amateurs, having sponsored some of the top players on the PGA Tour and other professional Tours since the 1970s.

Early History of Wilson Golf

Surprisingly, the Wilson Sporting Goods Company began its operations in the meatpacking industry. Starting in 1914, the company of Schwarzschild and Sulzberger began to extract the intestines of animals from their slaughterhouses to be used as tennis strings. It was a low-volume company because one set of tennis strings required three cows.

Wilson rapidly realized that the capacity to use every component of the animal is the key to obtaining significant profit margins in the meatpacking industry. And, as you might have anticipated, that’s exactly what they did.

When World War I broke out, the outfit was in trouble, and with the eldest Sulzberger son accused of trafficking and sympathizing with the German enemy, the outlook was dismal.

However, New York bankers who owned bonds in the corporation acted quickly and appointed Thomas Edward Wilson as president. Wilson was president of rival meat packers Morris and Co. and is recognized for transforming the company’s operations into a modern sports manufacturer.

Name Changed 

When Thomas E. Wilson assumed control of the business, he changed the name to Wilson and started selling beef by-products in other sports. Wilson quickly began making leather caddy bags, baseball mitts, and sports balls. Wilson Sporting Goods was formed in 1931 to unite the increasingly diverse industry.

According to unconfirmed records, the same New York financiers urged Wilson for the popularity of then-US President Woodrow Wilson.

The rebranding helped to dispel the notion that the corporation was affiliated with an enemy nation, instead emphasizing its commitment to the United States.

Gene Sarazen 

American golfer Gene Sarazen was hired by Wilson Staff as their first advisor, and the business used his expert guidance as it started to develop its clubs.

Wilson debuted the Wilson Ogg-mounted irons in 1933. The club’s weight was shifted from the heel to the ball-striking sweet spot of the head by these new irons, revolutionizing clubs in the country.

Introduction of the Sand Wedge

Gene Sarazen also started experimenting with a club that could easily pass through sand bunkers in 1933. He attached a piece of steel to the sole to create a weighted bottom for the club’s sole that would reflect off the surface of the sand or the ground.

In its first year on the market, the club—now popularly known as the R-90 sand wedge—sold an amazing 50,000 units.

Top Club on Tour

By 1947, Sam Snead, Patty Berg, and club-maker Hall of Famer Bob Mendralla had joined the Wilson Advisory Staff and guided the business’s club manufacturing for many years.

Wilson Staff further revolutionized the equipment industry in the 1970s by introducing the Dyna-Power, the Fluid Feel, and the F.G. Series blades. Wilson Clubs were the top club on the PGA Tour by 1983.

1980’s and 1990’s

Wilson was the best club in the 1980s and debuted the Staff Tour Blade in 1985.

The Staff persimmon woods, which had aluminium face inserts and later rose to the top of the golf woods hierarchy, were also launched at the same time as this club. In 1990, Mendralla produced new Dyna-Powered wedges, the Staff FG-51 sand wedge, and a new version of Snead’s R-90 sand wedge.

Wilson Golf in the 21st Century

In 1995, Wilson released midsize forged irons; then, in 1997, the Fat Shaft irons revolutionized torque concepts on professional tours. The Deep Red driver, the Ci6 irons, and the Di7 irons were all Wilson creations that used nanotechnology in 2004.

PGA Tour Professionals on Wilson Staff

Currently, 21 professional golfers are using Wilson Golf and playing on different tours worldwide. The only one not on the Wilson staff is former U.S. Open champ Gary Woodland, who switched to Cobra at the start of 2023.

Interestingly, the professional golfers are from somewhere other than the European Tour or the LPGA. Here’s a list of some of the most notable professional golfers who use Wilson Golf:

Wilson is a great golf club manufacturer for three reasons.

Wide-ranging Experience

Wilson is one of the oldest golf club makers in the world, having been around for over a Century. They’ve built up a huge collection of knowledge, which helps them keep innovating to make golf clubs more dependable, longer, and forgiving so they can appeal to more people.

Even though they’ve gone through two world wars, many pandemics, and stock market crashes, they’ve still managed to keep their business going. They’re known for making golf easier for everyone, from sand wedges to distance balls.

Value For Money

Even though some Wilson products, such as the newly released Dynapower Driver, may be more expensive than others, the overall consensus is that the company produces high-quality golf clubs at an affordable price.

For instance, the Wilson harmonized wedges are available for less than 40 dollars per unit and have consistently performed at a high level. In addition to the cost of the clubs, they are durable and provide a good return on investment.

Golf Clubs For All Levels Of Competence

Wilson makes golf clubs for all levels of golfers, so they’re a great option if you’re on a budget. However, it must be noted that they carry more clubs for improving your game, which is great for mid-to-high-level players who need more forgiveness.

The Best Wilson Golf Clubs in 2023

For Club Test 2024, our team tested thoroughly all the latest golf clubs available in 2024 at different locations. Check out the list below to see Wilson’s latest clubs, including their Dynapower drivers, irons, and more,

1. Wilson Dynapower drivers

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 7
  • If you’re a right-handed golfer looking to fight off that miss to the right, Wilson’s most forgiving driver model is the Titanium.
  • It’s designed to give you a moderate draw bias ball flight and comes with a 16g weight in the back of the head to help boost your MOI and forgiveness while still giving you a high launch.
  • It’s powered by the same PKR2 as the Carbon driver, so you’ll get maximum consistency and speed on shots that miss the centre of the face.
  • Plus, it’s adjustable on the hosel, so you can customize it to your liking, which is great if you’re looking for the forgiveness benefits of the Titanium head but want to avoid flying a draw bias ball. There are three standard lofts to choose from: 9°/10.5°/13°. 

2. Wilson Fairway wood Wilson Dynapower Fairway woods

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 8
  • Dynapower fairways are the only models with tour-inspired head shapes that give you a much shallower, cleaner view behind the ball.
  • They’ll have a 12g head weight set towards the rear of the head to provide you with a higher MOI and a stable clubhead that sends the ball high and forgiveness-wise. 
  • Dynapower’s A.I. tech was used on the fairway metals and drivers to give you fast ball speeds no matter where you hit it.
  • The fairways don’t have the adjustable hosel you get with the drivers, but you’ll get 15, 18, and 21° lofts.

3. Wilson Hybrid Wilson Dynapower Hybrid 

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 9
  • There’s only one version of this hybrid, like there’s only one fairway wood. This time, Dynapower’s A.I. technology was used again to create a face consistent in speed and forgiveness when hitting off-centre shots.
  • The head has a high MOI, so internal weighting moves the C.G. down and back to give you a high launch and maximum forgiveness. 
  • They designed the hybrids after asking tour players for their advice, so the compact head sits with a flatter profile to appeal to all levels of golfers.
  • The hybrids aren’t adjustable, but you can choose from four loft options – from three-hybrid at 19° to six-hybrid at 28°.

4. Wilson Best Irons Wilson D9 Golf Irons

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 10
  • Wilson began designing the D9 with the optimal configuration of their iconic Power Holes, strategically placed on the sole of the irons and filled with Urethane. Power Holes provide maximum face flex for increased speed and a sweet spot that’s so large that it’s almost impossible to miss.
  • This D9 iron has the lowest CG Wilson has ever made in iron, so it’s easy to hit and has steeper drop angles to give you more control on the green. It also has a cavity back forgiveness, so it’ll launch high, spin less, and get you to the green with great accuracy. 
  • We tested it out with Rick Hatfield, the head golfer at Flint Hills and TGW’s resident product guy. He used the 7 iron for this test, and his average swing speed was 832 mph, which is way faster than his normal ball speed of 114 mph.
  • The D9 had an average ball speed of 117 mph, which launched high, with an average angle of 18°. Rick also noticed a decrease in spin; his average carry distance was 170 yards, which is way more than his usual 160 yards.
  • The Wilson D9 is designed for the distance golfer. Those who want to hit the ball farther and deeper with an iron that’s easy to launch will find the most value in these irons.
  • Wilson D9 irons stand out from the crowd as an oversized iron designed for speed and range. The topline is slightly thicker, and the clubface is longer from heel to toe, giving the D9 irons a more explosive feel.
  • The D9 irons glide through the turf without digging and feel great throughout the swing. The D9 irons sound powerful at impact, giving you more confidence to hit the ball farther.

5. Wilson Golf Wedges Wilson Staff Model Wedge

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 11
  • Wilson’s Staff Model wedges were designed with the feedback of its touring pros in mind. The result is a set of classic shaping wedges with a soft feel and high spin numbers on shots in and around the greens.
  • The Wilson Staff Model wedges are forged in 8620 carbon steel for a soft feel that players love. The milled faces are combined with machine-engraved scoring lines for a combination of spin rates from any lie.
  • All the wedges in the Staff Model are 48 to 60 degrees in loft and have bounce angles that would be considered mid to high, so you’ll have plenty of forgiveness for most players. 
  • Wilson also has a Tour Grind option with a crescent shape sole and heel and toe relief for the pros who want to manipulate the clubface better around the green. But most players will be fine with the standard Staff Model.

6. Wilson Best putter Wilson Infinite Putter

Are wilson golf clubs good
Evaluating are wilson golf clubs good - expert insights 12
  • When Wilson launched their Infinite line in 2018, the Buckingham putter was one of the most sought-after models in the range. It shouldn’t be surprising, though, since high-metal-to-weight putters have been all the rage lately. 
  • The Buckingham fits the bill, with a perimeter-weighted oversized head design that gives you more speed and distance control when you hit a mis-hit. Plus, its dual-milled face gets the ball rolling faster, and its PVD finish helps block out the sun’s rays. 
  • The most notable feature is the counterbalanced design, with a heavy 104-gram grip that moves the putter’s balance point higher, helping golfers keep their hands quiet and get more consistent results.
  • And the best part. It’s face-balanced, so it’ll work best for players who don’t have a lot of arc in their putting strokes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wilson Clubs:

There are many things to consider when shopping for new golf clubs. Choosing the right club can be daunting, from the club length to the grip on offer.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when shopping for golf clubs so you can make the best decision for you and your game.


No matter what kind of golf club you buy, ensuring it’s the right length for your frame and swing is important. Buying a club that’s too long increases your risk of hitting the ball fat while purchasing a club too short increases your chances of hitting the ball over the green.

You can read detailed information about length in our article, Golf Club Length.


Wilson Staff has a great selection of clubs for all levels of golfers, from pros to beginners. But make sure you’re getting a club that’s right for you. Junior and beginner golfers should play forged irons with more forgiveness.

Cavity-backed irons are way better for these players because they’re much more forgiving. So make sure you pick irons that will help your game, not hurt it.

Loft and shaft flex

It is mainly applicable to drivers but is also relevant for long irons. Having the correct shaft flex on the clubs can significantly increase the length and distance of the ball.

It is dependent on the swing speed of the player. Those with a low swing speed should opt for a more flexible shaft, while those with a faster one should choose a stiffer shaft. 

The same is true for the driver loft. Those with faster swing speeds should select a driver with a loft lower than the slower players, while those with slower swing speeds should opt for lofts higher than the driver to improve ball flight.


When buying golf clubs, budget is one of the most important things to consider. It would help if you did not go with the cheapest deal. Sure, if you’re a pro golfer trying to get back into the swing, you should splurge more than someone just starting.

But it’s a good idea to make a budget before you head to the store and shop around to get the best deal on the right clubs.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, the answer to the question “are Wilson Golf Clubs good?” is a resounding “yes”. Wilson’s signature blend of innovation, accuracy, and accessibility has never been more evident. Wilson has seamlessly incorporated state-of-the-art technology with an in-depth knowledge of golf, creating clubs that appeal to various golfers. The aesthetic variations, whether low-slung sophistication or upright command, reflect the brand’s versatility. With Wilson’s dedication to quality without sacrificing affordability, golfers of all levels can access clubs that enhance their performance. Whether tee to green, fairway to green, or off the tee, Wilson Golf Clubs are reliable companions that transform every swing into a statement of excellence. In today’s ever-evolving game, Wilson stands not only as a brand but as a trusted partner, constantly elevating the game and forever leaving an imprint on the greens.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between a Wilson D9 and a Dynapower?

Dynapower irons offer all the features you’d expect from Wilson’s game-improvement irons, and they’re arguably a bit smarter than the previous generation of D9 irons due to their new black and red combo.

What’s the difference between Wilson’s staff and Wilson’s other lines? 

Wilson’s other lines are usually seen as “big box” or “value” brands, while Wilson Staff offers top-notch equipment used on all the major pro tours.

How many pro golfers are using Wilson clubs?

Right now, four of the top players on the PGA Tour are using Wilson clubs or some of Wilson’s other equipment. That includes Gary Woodland and Kevin Streelman, as well as Kevin Kisner.

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