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What Golf Clubs Do The Pros Use?

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What golf clubs do the pros use
What golf clubs do the pros use
Published: 16 January 2024
Written By Nimra Safdar

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Muhammad Asim

What golf clubs do the pros use? Which brands of clubs do pros carry? Many other questions related to the golf clubs used by pros in their games wander in your mind when you are passionate about leveling up your golf game.

If that’s the case then let us spill the beans for you. The pro golfer uses a wide range of golf clubs and carries the equipment that suits their preferences and needs and this complements their strengths perfectly.

Our team personally conducted surveys among the best professional golfers and asked them about the type of clubs they use, Which type of clubs pros prefer, and what other equipment PGA players carry. After reading this full guide you will be able to make an informed decision about choosing the right golf clubs for yourself.

Moreover, you will learn about the golf clubs that pros use, the brands of clubs pros prefer, and what type of clubs the PGA players carry. So, let’s dive into the world of golf clubs and where you unlock your potential.

What Golf Clubs Do the Pros Use:

What golf clubs do the pros use is a common question that comes to your mind when you are devoted to your golf game and trying to play and build your game like professional golfers.

Professional golfers who compete in different championships and other high-level competitions do not rely on just one club; they try all different combinations of golf clubs and carefully select golf clubs that suit their needs, preferences, and playing styles.

Some specific golf clubs in the professional golfers’ bag only vary from player to player. When it is time for the PGA tour or other championships, these pro players use different types of clubs with different brands.  In solving the query of What golf clubs do the pros use, the first thing you should know about is the clubs that are common among pro players. The most common clubs that pro golfers use include


Wood clubs are one of the golf clubs that pro golfers use. This club is known as Woods, but none of its parts is made of wood. These clubs have the largest heads as compared to other golf clubs.

Pro golfers use this type of club to hit long shorts, which is easy and fastest to swing. This club includes Drivers and Fairway Woods.

The main features of wood clubs are

  • Low loft.
  • Long Shafts.
  • Have an ability to provide both distance and Accuracy


Drivers are designed for hitting the ball over a tee. Drivers have a large club head. Drivers are hollow with long shafts, making them lightweight and easy to swing.

The main Features of the driver are

  • Low Loft.
  • Long Shaft.
  • Large club head.
  • Best for hitting tee shots.
  • Many modern drivers develop an adjustable key feature that allows golfers to fine-tune the club performance.

Fairway Woods:

As the name fairway implies, Fairway woods are used to hit the ball from the fairway or other areas of a golf course. They are also used to hit the long shorts off the tee or shorter par4-par5 holes. The fairway woods come up with numbers generally with 3-wood and 5-wood. These numbers indicate the club loft.

The main features of Fairway Woods are:

  • It has a smaller club head as compared to drivers.
  • Its loft varies between 3 and 5 woods.
  • Short Shafts.
  • They are versatile and can be used to play different shots.

The versatility of Fairway Woods is very helpful for pro golfers in a wide range of situations on the golf course.


Hybrids are also known as rescue clubs and are the newest inventions. It is known as a hybrid because it combines the elements of both Fairway Woods and Irons. Hybrid existed for many years but has grabbed the attention of Pro golfers in the 21st century. Pros prefer carrying one or more hybrids instead of taking long irons. 

The main features of Hybrids are:

  • The club head of hybrids typically resembles fairway woods.
  • Hybrids come in various lofts. The higher the attic(garret), the easier it is to hit the ball in the air. This feature of combinations makes it ideal for hitting longer shots.
  • Hybrids are designed to provide forgiveness on off-center.
  • They are versatile and can be used to hit different kinds of shorts, like tee shorts on shorter holes and long approach shorts.

This is always on the pro golfer’s list because it has different…with different lofts to cover other yardage gaps and playing conditions.


Irons are an essential type of golf club used primarily for access shots from the fairway, rough, or other golf course areas. Irons come up with various numbers ranging from 3 irons to PW(pitching wedge). The lower the number, the lower the angle between the club surface and the ground(loft).

The main features of Irons are:

  • The club head of iron is a compact club head designed within a thin, flat club surface.
  • Its loft varies from club to club.
  • Iron shafts are shorter than drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.
  • Pro golfers use irons to shape their shots to manipulate ball flight and trajectory.

Types of Irons:

Irons came up with two classes:

  1. Cavity back irons.
  2.  Blade Irons.
What golf clubs do the pros use
What golf clubs do the pros use? 3

Cavity Back Irons

  • Cavity back irons are also known as Improvement irons
  • Cavity Back irons are more forgiving
  • Cavity back irons are beneficial for those who struggle to hit a ball in the air

Blade Irons

  • Blade Irons are also known as muscle back irons
  • Blade irons are designed to provide great ability to your shot
  • Blade irons are beneficial for those who are trying to improve their ball-striking skills.

Cavity Back vs Blades:

Cavity Back irons and Blade irons are two different types of golf clubs; their characteristics make them suitable and ideal for pro golfers. As per a survey among the top pro golfers, 44% preferred using Cavity back compared to Blade irons.

Only 26 % used blades to play, and the remaining 30 % liked to play with a mixed combination of clubs. The golfers who gain experience and reach some standards preferred using blade irons.


Pro golfers carry sand wedges, pitching wedges, lob wedges, and gap wedges in their golf bags. Pro golfers use wedges as they play a crucial role in short-game control. Wedges are also known as a subset of iron clubs. Wedges play a very vital role in the life of a professional golfer as they are essential for scoring and finesse around the greens. Key features of wedges are:

  • Wedges are essential for bunker shots.
  • Pro golfers use wedges with different lofts to check the proper distance gapping.
  • Professionals use wedges to hit lob shots or flop shots.
  • Professionals use wedges to escape from difficult situations and hit a recovery shot.


Putter clubs are designed only with one purpose, which is to roll the golf ball into the putting green. Professional golfers try many putters to check which one of them suits their strokes, skills, and needs. Key features of putters are:

  • Putters have a minimum loft.
  • Putters come in various shaft lengths.
  • They have thicker grips as compared to the grips of other clubs.

Putters are considered personal clubs. Many professional golfers develop a strong attachment with their putters as they help and play a vital role in recognizing the club’s role in their success on the greens.

These are the Golf clubs that professional golfers use in their games. Still, it is also important to note that professional players sometimes change their club setup after studying the course strategy. 

What Brands of Clubs Do PGA Players and Pros Carry?

What golf clubs do the pros use
What golf clubs do the pros use? 4

With knowing What golf clubs do the pros use you should also be aware of the brands that the pros players carry.PGA tour players and professional golfers carry various brands of clubs in their golf bags. Choosing clubs and their brands depends on the personal preferences of PGA tour players and professional golfers.

Here is the list of 6 top Club Brands that PGA tour Players and professionals carry in their championships.


Many professionals use Titeist as it is a very well-known brand and is respected by many PGA players. The Titleist brand’s drivers, wedges, and irons are very popular and in demand by pros and PGA players.

In a recent survey among all brands, Titleist is 47% preferred brand among PGA players and pro golfers, whereas Callaway is 28% in preference.

The following are the factors behind the increase in popularity of Titleist:

  • Quality and Performance.
  • Titleist provides complete golf club equipment.
  • Titleists have a long history in golf clubs and have been a trusted name for decades.
  • Many pros appreciate the consistent performance and feel of the Titleist brand.


The drivers, fairway woods, and irons of Taylor are popular among pro players as it is known for its high and best-performance clubs.


Callaway is a brand that offers a wide range of golf clubs, and this quality of Callaway makes it popular among the pros.

Ping Clubs:

The Ping brand’s drivers, irons, and putters are very much in demand as it is known for its technology and precision.

Srixon Clubs:

Srixon manufactures quality products and produces clubs that are workable for professionals. Many pros prefer buying Srixon golf balls.

Cobra Clubs:

Cobra is the least preferred brand by PGA tour players and pro golfers. Only 9% of players consider buying cobra drivers and fairway woods.

What clubs does Max Homa use?

As you know, John Maxwell Homa (Max homa)is a professional American golfer who plays in the PGA tour and won 6 times. As the last update, Max Homa uses different combinations of clubs that suit his personal preferences and skills.


Max Homa used Titleist drivers on the PGA tour; recently, he used a Titleist Tsi3 driver.


Max Homa uses Titleist T-series Irons. A few years back, he had a full set of Blades Iron in his back, but now he uses the Titleist T100 model.


Professional golfers and PGA players like Homa carry a Vokey SM8 and SM7 from Titleist.


As I already mentioned, putter clubs are the personal preference of any Pro golfer or PGA player, and it varies. Max Homa’s outer selection may also vary, But he is using Scotty Cameron putter, which is a brand launched by Titleist.

It would help if you kept in mind that the combination of golf clubs of any pro golfer or PGA player can change their club setup based on course strategy, personal preference, and sponsorship agreement.


To wrap it up on What golf clubs do the pros use, Professional golfers use custom combinations of golf clubs to increase their performance at the highest levels of the sport. Their choices are based on their personal preferences, skills, and needs. The specific brand among professional players is their personal choice.

 In the golf community, the key to success is working on your strengths and using the correct equipment to further complement your performance on the golf course.

In the article, I already mentioned the golf clubs used by pros and which types of clubs and brands are preferred by 6-time PGA tour MAX Homa champions.

Now, as you are well equipped with all the information on What golf clubs the pros use, I am sure you can make a good decision on choosing the right golf club for yourself that suits your preference and skills.

Today you are dreaming of the secret behind a pro golfer. Tomorrow you might become one and inspire others to look for your secret to the best golf shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions on What Golf Clubs Do The Pros Use:

What golf clubs do the pros use?

Professional golfers usually use a combination of clubs from different brands according to their playing style and personal preferences. Pros typically use clubs made by well-known brands such as Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, and Ping.

Do professional golfers have their clubs custom-fitted?

Yes, a lot of professional golfers use custom-fitted clubs to make sure the equipment fits their specific body types and swing characteristics. A more comfortable feel and improved performance are two benefits of custom fitting for the golfer.

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