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6 Best ArmLock Putters In 2024

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Published: 3 February 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood


Armlock putters are the ideal option for a golfer who struggles with unsteady club impacts. If you feel like you could improve your putting, why not adjust both your grip and your club?  By using a longer shaft and grip that are secured against your leading forearm, the armlock technique enables you to rock your shoulders fluidly.

These putters’ clever design keeps the putter face square and offers stability when it hits the green, improving accuracy and distance control. In this guide to the best armlock putters of 2024, I have the best options for low, mid, and high handicappers.

Therefore, if your objective is to increase your putting accuracy and reduce the number of strokes on your scorecard, the armlock revolution is calling.

To help you transform your struggle into a smooth, confident swing on the putting green, have a look at the benefits and capabilities these six putters provide and how they stand out in the market for the best armlock putters. There are also golfers who dont know how to putt while using putter so for them “best putters for seniors”.

Our Top Picks of Best Armlock Putters

  • Overall the Best Armlock Putter
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Evnroll ER11vx Putter

  • The Best Armlock Putters  for Alignment
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter

  • The Best Armlock Putters for Innovation and Cheap Price 
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Cobra Golf 3D Printed Agera Putter

  • Best Armlock Putter for Low Handicappers
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Bettinardi BB28 Armlock Putter

  • Best For Armlock Putter for Mid Handicappers
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Evnroll EV5.2 MidLock Putter

  • Best Putter for Beginners
    6 best armlock putters in 2024

    Ping Hardwood Armlock Putter

Products Of Best Armlock Putters:

1.  Evnroll ER11vx Putter – Overall the Best Armlock Putter

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • For constant ball speeds, Sweet Face grooves
  • large, unmistakable alignment lines
  • Head of forgiveness


  • A bit on the hollow side


  • Version of Middlelock
  • 2º Loft
  • Evnroll Sweet Face Design
  • Bottom Hollow Circle

An improvement over the ER11v model, the ER11vx offers increased forgiveness and stability. This putter’s 2º loft helps it roll smoothly and feel solid through impact, all while focusing on improving the MOI. Despite off-center hits, the Evnroll Sweet Face design’s variable grooves reduce accuracy and distance dispersion.

The hollow circle at the bottom, which spares your back from needless bending, adds to its allure by shifting the weight of the club head and acting as a handy ball pick-up mechanism. Known as the Midlock version, this armlock putter eases the strain on your posture and is a great help for older players or those with back pain.

In summary, the Evnroll ER11vx is regarded as one of the market’s most forgiving putters in the category of the best  armlock putters. For golfers looking for accuracy and consistency around the greens, it is a game-changer. With this putter, you can swing with confidence where forgiveness and finesse meet.

2. Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter – The Best Armlock Putters  for Alignment 

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • Exceptionally forgiving
  • high MOI
  • causes the putter’s face to roll forward instantly
  • gives off a gentle feel
  • Enhanced alignment aid


  • For certain players, it is light
  • Limited options for substitute stock grips


  • Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Mallet is the head design.
  • Length of Shaft: 42″
  • Material for Face: White Hot Insert

The Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Lined, which displays the timeless construction of the iconic 2 Ball design, takes the top spot as the greatest armlock putter for 2024.  This putter offers a soft touch and consistent roll thanks to its advanced face insert and high MOI profile, which are forgiving features.

For the average amateur, affordability excels despite its high-end offerings. The famous White Hot Face insert, which combines Microhinge technology for a smooth feel and quick forward roll, is the standout feature. 

By squaring the face at contact, the perimeter weighting of the mallet head ensures stability and topspin. The two-ball alignment tool improves accuracy by directing each shot in the direction of the target. 

This 37-inch putter is small and features an Odyssey Oversized 2022 silver-black grip. The Odyssey 2 Ball Ten-Lined Putter is a rising star in the putter world, combining traditional style with cutting-edge functionality to create a putting sensation unlike any other.

3. Cobra Golf 3D Printed Agera Putter – The Best Armlock Putters for Innovation and Cheap Price 

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • Extremely forgiving
  • Observe the ball from directly behind
  • surprisingly light


  • Some people might favour a less futuristic style.


  • Cobra King is the head design. 
  • Length of shaft: 41″
  • Material for Face: SIK Face Insert

Cobra brings a marvel of 3D printing to the putter world with the Agera. Modern 3D printing technology produced the steelhead’s lattice network, which gives it a distinctive weight distribution not achievable with conventional techniques.

The Agera is a powerful yet reasonably priced disc with a high MOI profile that guarantees steady ball speeds and stability at impact. It offers remarkable distance control with ideal friction and topspin because of the SIK Face Insert and Descending Loft Technology.

For mid-to-high-handicappers, this mallet putter is revolutionary because it provides forgiveness without the premium cost on the list of the best armlock putters .

Every stroke is tracked when using the 41-inch arm lock style with a Lamkin Smart Grip. Cobra’s Agera demonstrates that innovation need not be expensive—it is 3D-printed genius on a shoestring!”

4. Bettinardi BB28 Armlock Putter – Best Armlock Putter for Low Handicappers

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • The sensational feel
  • Ideal comments
  • Improves slickness High-quality coating
  • designed for athletes whose strokes are slightly arched


  • Not as lenient as mallet putters
  • At a premium cost


  • Bettinardi Wide Body Blade Putter is the head design.
  • Length of Shaft: 40″–42″
  • Material for Face: Flymill

Lower handicappers have refined tastes, and the Bettinardi BB28 delivers a soft, superior-looking experience that elevates the greens. Made from tough 303 stainless steel, the Aggressive FlyMill face tested out in testing was soft-touched and responsive, providing the best feedback possible for players looking to improve their putting. 

Precise distance control is facilitated by the ball being propelled off the clubface with an instantaneous forward roll due to the increased friction caused by the face’s flat contact area.

The BB28 is even more attractive because of its high-quality Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish, which not only improves its appearance but also solves the glare problem. The precise engineering of the ¼ toe hang ensures optimal performance for players with a slight arch stroke by providing a tailored fit.

In addition, the Bettinardi Arm Lock putter grip enhances control by limiting wrist and hand movement during the stroke and making it to standout into the market of  the best armlock putters.

5. Evnroll EV5.2 MidLock Putter – Best For Armlock Putter for Mid Handicappers

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • high MOI
  • Superb comments
  • result in a neat roll off the clubface
  • Wrist action is restricted by the stock grip
  • Long-lasting putter face


  • Highest cost
  • Not recommended for players whose stroke has a high arch


  • EV5.2 Mallet Style Putter is the head design.
  • Length of Shaft: 39 to 41″
  • CNC-milled face material

Evnroll’s arrival on the putter scene is perfectly standing out in the market. . With its outstanding roll, stability, forgiveness, and feel, the Evnroll EV5.2 MidLock Putter has taken the lead among their impressive lineup for mid-handicappers this season.

Even with its unquestionable strength, the EV5.2 is expensive, which may put off some players. However, the investment pays off by providing a way to lessen handicaps.

The mallet design surprises with its forgiveness and flawless feel, offering useful feedback for better distance control. It also raises the club’s MOI, guaranteeing unmatched stability for maintaining topspin and speed across the clubface. The putter’s face, made of sturdy stainless steel that has been CNC-milled, increases friction to produce a steady forward roll.

A small toe hang on the stock shaft accommodates players with slightly arched strokes, and the TourTac grip limits wrist and hand movement.

To sum up, the Evnroll EV5.2 MidLock Putter is an excellent partner on the greens; it is well-designed, performs well, and is a vital component of Evnroll’s effort to redefine putting excellence as  the best armlock putters. 

6. Ping Hardwood Armlock Putter – Best Putter for Beginners

6 best armlock putters in 2024


  • Great forgiveness
  • enhances long putt feedback
  • lessens the feeling of sharp edges
  • resistant to glare
  • creates a smooth roll over the putter face


  • Nonetheless, somewhat pricey
  • Not recommended for players whose strokes are highly arched


  • Ping Mallet is the head designer.
  • Length of Shaft: 41.5″
  • Dual-Durometer as the Face Material Insert

With its unique combination of feel, forgiveness, and consistency, the Ping Hardwood steals the show as we wrap up our investigation into armlock putters. This mallet-style Ping armlock putter has a multi-material composition that provides ample MOI for stability and optimal feedback for both long and short putts.

Enhancing accuracy on short putts and providing crucial feedback on longer putts, the Dual-Durometer insert has a softer front layer and a firmer back layer. The face has uniform, shallow grooves that help control distance and provide a clean roll for accurate yardage.

The Ping Hardwood, featuring a 41.5-inch shaft and a Ping AVS Black grip, is a dependable option for an armlock putter in the list of  the best armlock putters that strikes a good balance.

Buyer’s guide for The Best Armlock Putters

Who Needs to Utilize an Armlock Putter: 

The armlock putter technique is great for players who move their hands and wrists a lot when they strike the ball. It helps to keep the club stable, encourages a smooth stroke, and makes sure the putter squares at impact.

Armlock Putter Head Style:

Armlock putters are available with blade or mallet heads to suit a range of preferences. Those who find it difficult to stabilize the putter face tend to favor mallets, particularly mid-mallets, which provide greater forgiveness when it comes to perimeter weighting. Skilled putters prefer blade putters because of their superior feedback and soft feel.

Best Armlock Putter Length:

For armlock putters, Bettinardi suggests a shaft length of 40 inches, although players who prefer a longer design have options up to 42 inches.

ArmLock Putter Grip:

Armlock putters are designed to stabilize hands and wrists while lowering grip pressure. They have a thicker grip. For improved performance, a wider grip is frequently advised, which helps to keep the putter square through impact.

FINAL THOUGHTS – The Best Armlock Putters

The 2024 Armlock Putters edition identifies winners in the areas of heart, accuracy, and forgiveness. For those of us who have trouble with inconsistent hand and wrist movements when playing putts, these are the long-awaited heroes. Presently, one rival shines out like a beacon among the others: Evnroll ER11vx Putter

Think of this putter as your kind, informed guide on the green; it will give you both forgiveness and a precise, reliable dance. Finding a mallet armlock putter with a higher MOI and the ability to roll over obstacles with ease in the market for  the best armlock putters is like finding the secret to peace and quiet. 

Now that you have this magical putter in your possession, it is time to go to the course or your preferred putting paradise. You are not just using the Evnroll ER11vx Putter; you are arranging success on the green. 

Frequently Asked Questions – The Best Armlock Putters

How does an Armlock Putter differ from a Conventional Putter?

In order to minimize hand and wrist movement during the putting stroke, armlock putters are made to stabilize the golf club against the leading forearm. Compared to traditional putters, this novel approach seeks to improve stability and encourage a more consistent pendulum motion.

Which Head Styles are available for Armlock Putters?

There are two types of armlock putters: mallet and blade head. Golfers looking for forgiveness and a wider sweet spot frequently favor mallets, particularly mid-mallets. However, more seasoned players prefer blades because they offer a softer feel and better feedback.

What is the effect of an Armlock Putter’s Grip on Performance?

Typically, armlock putters have a thicker grip that lowers grip pressure by stabilizing hands and wrists. For amateur golfers in particular, a wider grip is usually advised because it improves the putter’s likelihood of remaining square at impact.

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