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Top 8 Best Putter for Senior Golfers in 2024

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Best Putter for Senior Golfers
Best Putter for Senior Golfers
Published: 4 February 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Seeking to identify the best putter for senior golfers in the world? You have come to the correct place, then. To be honest, selecting the appropriate putter can mean the difference between a mediocre round and one to be proud of at the clubhouse. Sometimes it is not about our swing; sometimes it is a misplaced confidence in our putter.

Stay tuned as I explain why this occurs, what kind of technology we should be looking at, and why getting the best putter for seniors could be the easiest way to cut those scores. So, seniors, pick up your putter and let’s get started on a guide that focuses on improving our putting technique to the level of a well-seasoned swing.

These are the top 8 putters in my list of  the best putters for seniors that I have ever used, along with their advantages and disadvantages for my style of play on the green.

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Products Summary Of Best Putter for Senior Golfers in 2024:

1. Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter – Overall Winner 

Best putter for senior golfers


  • Excellent control over speed 
  • The crowned design facilitates alignment
  • The inertia increases as the center of gravity is shifted forward
  • Triple Track is offered for more alignment support
  • incredibly steady feeling 


  • Not among the most reasonably priced putters available 
  • A top-down view might appear a little confusing at first until you get used to it

Due to changes in vision and motor skills, aging poses special challenges for golfers, which can make for a less-than-ideal game on the course.  I am presenting my top choice for seniors, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track DB, which takes on these two problems head-on.

Looking down from above, this putter is unique in that it makes alignment much easier than with other putters. It is comparable to owning a GPS putter. The key to keeping the golf ball straight and narrow after impact is the forward center of gravity, which is a real game-changer.

The White Hot insert, which Odyssey uses to cap off the scene, is the grand finale, bringing a timeless feel to the piece. Your hands will feel as though they are playing a symphony, with each putt on the green sounding like a sonnet.

Although it may be a little more expensive, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track DB is the secret weapon if you want to tip the odds in your favor and make some incredible saves on the putting green. For seniors who are willing to put some work into their game, it is more than just a putter—it is a one-way ticket to achieving greatness as  the best putters for seniors. 

2. Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S Putter – Best Putters for High Handicappers

Best putter for senior golfers


  • Outstanding performance and feel
  • Choice of Lab Shaft for Stroke
  • Detachable weights 
  • extremely stable and dispersed at impact


  • There is lots of amazing golf technology, but it costs a lot

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K putter line, as  the best putters for seniors aims to hit consistency out of the park for high handicappers by swinging for the fences with a high MOI and tight dispersion. With a 303 stainless steel front section that keeps your golf ball on the straight and narrow like a GPS, the Tri Hot 5K Rossi S model stands out from the crowd. 

By moving the center of gravity forward, Odyssey sweetens the pot and guarantees that elusive low end over end roll—a putter’s dream come true. But there is still more! The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K’s features go beyond performance; you can adjust the feel and find the ideal weighting for your stroke thanks to its interchangeable front weights.

It is comparable to having a putter tailor. If you want to kick it up a notch, the Stroke Lab shaft option adds a little luxury feel that makes every putt feel like a big deal. For high handicappers, the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S is a royal flush in the game of golf, where consistency is king.

3. Ping Anser Putter 2024 with PP58 Grip – Best Putters for Mid Handicappers

Best putter for senior golfers


  • very neat putter design 
  • High MOI despite the blade’s nature
  • The ideal option to improve your performance to a lower handicap level 
  • ideal for the putting stroke’s small arc


  • Not quite as high as other model’s MOI

The new Ping Anser, which offers remarkable technology and feel to the market of  the best putters for seniors is a monument to the development of a classic. The newest Ping Anser model ups the ante with updated features, so if you have an old one in your garage, give it a try.

The Ping Anser’s well-established reputation on tour speaks for itself, and the most recent model’s addition of a tungsten toe heel weight improves overall stability and guarantees consistency on the greens. This putter is unique due to its superior feel and sound quality.

Blade putters can be difficult to aim, but the Ping Anser’s black cavity and platinum topline make alignment as simple as using a mallet putter.  Because of its innovative and traditional design, it is the preferred option for golfers looking for modern performance and dependability. 

4. Ping Women’s G Le 3 Louise Putter – Best Putters for Senior Women Player

Best putter for senior golfers


  • Modern technology combined with a classic club head aesthetic 
  • The ideal fusion of distance control and feel
  • a special golf grip that is ideal for female players


  • It would work best for a stroke with a larger arc; it is not ideal for a straight back through

It is not just a putter; the Ping G Le 3 Louise is a game-changer designed with senior women golfers in mind. Ping, known for its superior feel and feedback in the market for  the best putters for seniors which stays loyal to form with the G Le 3 Louise, which combines cutting-edge technology with traditional mid-mallet shaping and is designed with senior women’s specific needs in mind.

For seniors in particular, improved feel and unwavering consistency are vital components of any golfer, and the Ping Pistol PP59 Deep Sea grip is more than just a handle. An unsung hero in the putting world, the Pebax elastomer insert is what makes this putter stand out from the competition.

Superior feel is not the only feature; distance control is revolutionized. Regardless of their handicap, senior women golfers will take comfort in the Ping G Le 3 Louise’s overall appeal and ease of use on the green.

For senior ladies looking for a smooth and pleasurable putting experience on the golf course, this putter proves to be a dependable companion. It is not just about sinking putts; it is about sinking putts with style and precision.

5. TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter – Best Mallet Putters for Seniors

Best putter for senior golfers


  • A reasonably priced premium mallet putter 
  • enhanced appearance for simpler alignment 
  • Excessive back flexion enhances forgiveness 


  • Severe back weighting improves forgiveness

Among the Spider lineup, the TaylorMade Spider GTX stands out for its combination of eye-catching sleek design and forgiving performance. Its unique combination of extreme back-weighting technology and a lightweight frame could change the game when it comes to putting, especially for senior golfers who are trying to save important strokes.

The overall consistency gained from the oversized putter head is truly impressive, even though the initial adjustment may take some getting used to. Once you get the feel of the GTX, its ability to straighten out the putter face is a noticeable advantage, especially for players who struggle with twisting during the stroke.

The White #3 stands out as the best option for seniors among the variety of models. Beyond appearance, the white space at the top improves alignment, which is a useful function. This feature, which provides a distinct and secure line to the hole, is extremely helpful for putts of all lengths.

When it comes to putters, the TaylorMade Spider GTX, and more especially the White #3, stands out as more than just a tool for senior golfers, in the category of  the best putters for seniors who need forgiveness, consistency, and accuracy on the greens.

6. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter – Best Blade Putters for Seniors

Best putter for senior golfers


  • Convenient alignment lines for the clubface
  • The club’s head is easier to feel when the shaft is counterbalanced
  • Many options for head shapes and lengths


  • Expensive putter

The Double Wide is a popular choice for blade enthusiasts due to its distinctive compromise on slower greens, as well as its square shape and extended back for alignment.  The Double Wide, featuring a square shape and extended back for alignment, appeals to blade enthusiasts, offering a unique compromise on slower greens.

For those who want a distinct feel for strike adjustment, the hinge insert in the face delivers a firm impact, departing from the usual softness of inserts. Its simple design makes switching from regular blades to a blade putter from a larger mallet easier thanks to the additional weight. Odyssey’s attention to club head weighting is noteworthy, allowing for a little toe hang.

This is perfect for players who use blades or have an arc in their putting stroke right out of the box. The Stroke Lab Black Series is a great option for golfers who want a combination of traditional style and cutting-edge technology on the market for  the best putters for seniors  because of its exceptional simplicity.

7. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom x12 – Best Premium Putter for Seniors

Best putter for senior golfers


  • The design of the wingback mallet is very stable
  • For simple alignment, a single-milled sight line with white sight lines 
  • Less taper on the Pistolero Grip


  • Among the priciest putters you can purchase

The Phantom X11 from Titleist stands out perfectly as  the best putters for seniors because of its height of luxury quality and because it represents the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Thanks to Titleist’s “no compromises” philosophy—a concept well-known among PGA tour pros—the Phantom X11 is an attractive option for the average player, especially seniors seeking top-tier performance.

A high MOI mallet putter that targets straight-on putting strokes, the Phantom X11 makes the game easier for more experienced players and stands out even in Scotty Cameron’s elite lineup with its forgiveness. The most forgiving putter in our tests, the Phantom X11, has a high MOI, the largest club head in the Scotty Cameron line, and expertly balanced weighting despite its premium price. 

The putter head’s steel reinforcement prevents twisting during impact, guaranteeing a straight shot, and the non-intrusive alignment line helps with shot setup.  Developed in partnership with Golf Pride, the “Pistolo Plus” grip offers a luxuriously soft feel that secures the upper hand.

However, those on a tight budget or with particular player preferences may want to take into account the premium cost and the necessary adjustment for the large club head and high MOI. The Phantom X11, designed for a simple back-and-forth putting stroke, is among the greatest putters for senior golfers.

Its soft feel, unparalleled forgiveness, and simplicity of use are a real testament to Titleist’s dedication to providing high-quality products for players of all skill levels. 

8. Cobra King Black Agera Putter – Best Putter for Distance Control

Best putter for senior golfers


  • An excellent option for a straight through and back stroke
  • Using 3D printing to raise MOI 
  • To maintain the putter rolling on the alignment line, the face insert has four descending lofts
  • One of the greatest putters for golfers who struggle with distance


  • Longer putter length is not great for shorter golfers

Standing tall among its peers, the Cobra King Black Agera putter is the forgiving giant of the group. This large mallet is constructed from several materials, and 3D printing adds to its modern aesthetic. The 37.5-inch length option is what really has me swinging—it is ideal for players who want to step up their game without feeling like they are bending over backward.

It is similar to finding the perfect groove but without the pain. This putter is the ultimate tool for experienced players. But there is still more! The SIK Aluminum Face Insert adds the finishing touch, transforming each swing into a precise and consistent symphony. It is similar to using your golf ball as a GPS on the green.

The Cobra King Black Agera is the gentle giant of putters, providing a tall stance without strain and a roll that is as dependable as sunrise in a sport where forgiveness is crucial.  Not only is it a putter, but it is also a senior’s pass to a more forgiving and seamless putting experience when you shop in the market of  the best putters for seniors. 

Choosing  the Best Putters for Seniors as a Seasoned Swing: A Senior Golfer’s Guide

With over thirty years of golfing expertise and ten years of teaching experience, finding the ideal putter is not a wild goose chase but rather a well-trod route. In the process of pursuing this goal, senior golfers rely on feel, design, high MOI, consistency, and stability as their compass points.

Understanding Your Stroke by Reading the Greens

The first hole you need to conquer is unlocking the secrets of your putting stroke. Every stroke has a slight arc, but whether to use a strong arc or a straight back and through motion determines which companion putter is best.

With its centered weight and little face rotation, the mallet-style putter emerges as a reliable companion for the latter. The blade-style putter, on the other hand, complements the elegant curves with its hint of toe hang for both open and closed rotation.

Getting Around Putter Shafts for Shaft Success

The development of putter shafts may surprise some, but smart seniors see it as a paradigm shift. Choosing a putter fitting turns into the navigational aid for this trip, enabling feel adjustment and personalization. With their softer impact, graphite shafts become a refuge for many senior golfers who are trying to hit the ideal stroke.

Dispelling Myths About Mallet Style

Blade-style putters come out of the shadows, their MOI matching that of the major players in a world where mallets frequently take center stage. 

Contemporary blade putters combine tradition and innovation while understanding the aesthetics that seasoned players value. Seniors are advised to find a putter that moves in time with their distinct stroke rather than being forced to use mallets. 

Striking for Achievement: Solving Alignment Problems

Alignment can be difficult for elderly people. Proven alignment systems are a feature of the best putters traveling with us; they are reliable allies in making sure every stroke is directed toward the hole. Gaining confidence in the greens turns into a priceless asset.

Perfecting the Symphony: Accepting Flexibility

The secret to surviving in the golf world is adaptation. Adjustable putters are the chameleons of the green; they allow for tweaking and improvement without having to worry about breaking a trusting putter. They turn into reliable allies for people who want to improve their skills without giving up on a beloved instrument.

Notice Regarding Adjustability: Weights Are Sold Separately

Though adjustable putters are incredibly flexible, you may need to add weights in order to achieve the perfect stroke. This is a subtle reminder that lasts the entire ride. One avoidable trap when aiming for excellence.

FINAL THOUGHTS-  The Best Putters for Seniors

It is important for senior golfers to select the correct putter, and hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your choices. Among all the choices discussed, the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter stands out as the best pick.

Offering excellent alignment, a forward center of gravity, and a wonderful feel, it addresses the unique vision and motor skill challenges faced by seniors.  The Odyssey Eleven stands out because it provides senior golfers with everything they need, even though other brands like Ping, TaylorMade, Scotty Cameron, and Wilson have their advantages as well.

Thus, opt for the Odyssey Eleven putter if you want one that tackles the shortcomings of senior golfers—it is the best option for reliable and accurate putting.

Rave review for  Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter5-star 

i’ve always been a ping guy when it came to putters and have been playing the i-series pipper-h for the last few years, however this Odyssey putter which I figured would be similar to the ping, was not at all, other than the shape.

This putter has a huge sweet spot and amazing feel, even on mis-hits. I feel the weighting is perfect. Paired with the oversized grip and dual material shaft, let’s not forget the triple track aiming and awesome head cover….perfect! Would recommend to anyone looking for a mallet feel with the look of a blade.

FAQs-  The Best Putters for Seniors

What makes a putter suitable for senior golfers?

Putters with characteristics like high MOI (Moment of Inertia), forgiving designs, and useful alignment aids are often beneficial for senior golfers.  These components aid in making up for alterations in motor skills and vision.

Is a mallet or blade putter better for senior players?

Based on the player’s putting stroke, a blade putter or a mallet putter should be selected.  Seniors who hit the ball with an arcing stroke may be more inclined to use a blade putter than those who hit the ball straight back and through.

How important is putter length for senior golfers?

For seniors, putter length is very important because it can impact comfort and posture. In order to allow for a taller address position without putting undue strain on their backs, many seniors find success with putters that are a little bit longer—like the 37.5-inch length in certain models.

What role does alignment play in choosing a putter for seniors?

For seniors, alignment is essential because it helps make up for potential visual impairments. Seniors can feel secure knowing that their club head is precisely aimed at the target when they choose putter options with remarkable alignment systems.

Are adjustable putters a good choice for senior golfers?

Senior golfers who enjoy personalizing their gear may find adjustable putters useful. For seniors who want to get better at putting, the adjustability gives them the flexibility to fine-tune without having to buy a new putter.

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