Munwar Sultan | Senior Golf Writer

Munwar Sultan is a passionate about the Golf game and bring that passion to the golf writing world. I have a background in content writing, and I’ve honed my craft to tell stories that tell the story of golf, the game, the strategy, and the thrill.

I understand the game’s nuances and value the camaraderie it produces since I have spent countless hours on the fairways and greens. As a writer, I welcome the challenge and delight that golf offers, from the first swing at sunrise to the last putt at sunset.

I love golf, and I love writing about it. As a content writer, I’m passionate about breaking down the finer details of golf into descriptions, guides, and articles. Whether you’re looking at the latest tech, breaking down golf tips, or digging into golf’s rich history, I aim to build relationships with fellow golfers and share the passion that makes golf a living.

I provide in-depth reviews and commentary on the latest trends, players and events in golf. Whether you’re looking for a new driver or putter, my reviews are designed to help you make informed decisions about your gear. I break down complex game elements into actionable golf tips for players of all levels. Each review reflects my passion for golf, making it relatable and entertaining for readers who share your enthusiasm.

Join me on a golfing adventure as we hit the course, chat about the latest tech, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the golf. There’s always something new to learn about golf, whether you’re a pro or just starting.
Let’s get out there and enjoy every round!