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Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Gloves To Putt?

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Published: 11 May 2024
Written By Nimra Safdar

Reviewed by Farrukh Mehmood

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

In the peaceful setting of a golf course, where calmness and precision coexist, The flawlessly cut fairways, and the sound of a well-hit ball striking the club, removing one’s glove is a regular sight on courses worldwide. 

Many golfers often remove their gloves while playing on the golf course. A golf glove increases grip, particularly with the driver and long irons. If your hands are slippery, you will lose control when hitting your irons and driver. Since the non-dominant hand is typically the lead hand during the swing, golfers typically wear a glove on their weaker hand to provide a firm grip on the club.  

However, some players may have removed their gloves when they reach the putting surface. But the question that arises here is why? Why do golfers take off their gloves to putt? Golfers remove their gloves to have a better and improved feel.

In this guide, you will get to know about why golfers take off their gloves to putt, whether Can you putt with a glove on, and What to consider when selecting a golf glove.

Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Gloves To Putt?

Why do golfers take off their gloves? It is a question that has been debated for many years. One of the main reasons golfers take off their gloves to putt is to have an Improved feel and sensitivity.  

Golfers remove their gloves when putting to enhance the feel and comfort of the club, unlike when striking drivers and irons. Since you must gently strike the golf ball into the hole, using your bare hands while putting gives you greater control and improves the accuracy of your stroke. 

Consistency in grip pressure and stroke mechanics is another reason behind this practice. When making a putt, golfers frequently try to feel the same way in all of their hands. A more constant contact between the golfer’s hands and the putter is made possible by removing the glove, which also removes any possibility of variations in grip texture and pressure.

Personal tastes and practices among golfers ultimately influence the choice to remove the glove when putting. Some players find comfort and consistency in wearing their gloves all the time, but others may follow this practice more relaxed. 

Can You Putt With A Glove On?

Knowing why golfers take off their gloves to putt, you should also consider whether you putt with a glove. The clear and cut answer is yes, you can putt with a glove on, and many golfers prefer to do so.

Some players don’t think taking off their gloves when they’re playing is necessary. It is perfectly fine. You do not need to remove your glove if you are comfortable. While some golfers remove their glove after every swing, others put it on at the beginning of the round and never take it off.

Although most golf experts will advise you to remove your gloves when putting, leaving them on won’t negatively impact your game in any way. Ultimately, no hard and fast rules govern whether or not a golfer needs to take off their glove before putting. It all depends on what each player finds most efficient and comfortable.

What To Consider When Selecting A Golf Glove:

Choosing the right golf glove is more important than just personal preference; it affects your comfort, grip, and overall performance on the course. Following are the considerations you should make when choosing a golf glove:

  1. Material.
  2. Fit.
  3. Weather conditions.
  4. Style Of Grip.
  5. Orientation of Hands:


Since the material of a glove directly affects your comfort, it frequently has a significant impact. Your golf gloves come in two different materials: Leather and Synthetic.

  • Traditional leather has a smooth, high-end feel. It conforms to your hand with time, giving you a great grip.
  • Synthetic materials are frequently more cost-effective, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. Perfect for people who want gloves that require minimal care.


For best results, a tight fit is necessary. A too big or loose glove will make it difficult for you to swing and grip. The purpose of the glove is to reduce hand movement when holding the club.

An ideal glove should fit like a second skin. Most golfers select a brand they like and never go back to. Even though the glove size is the same, each manufacturer’s product will feel different in the hand.

Weather Conditions:

If you wear gloves, the weather on that particular day will affect your decision. In Rainy Conditions, look for gloves with water-resistant or waterproof qualities to maintain a steady grip in wet weather.

In hot weather, gloves must be breathable; look for gloves with mesh or ventilation holes.

Style Of Grip:

Certain gloves are made with materials that improve grip in different kinds of weather. Meanwhile, corded grips provide extra traction, particularly in sweaty or humid environments.

Orientation of Hands:

Ensure the glove you select fits your dominant hand, left or right. Golfers who swing right-handed use the glove on their left hand and vice versa.

In the end, a person’s comfort and preference are important factors. While some golfers value greater durability over thinness, others find that a thinner glove provides a better feel. When choosing a golf glove that fits your playing style, you can make an informed choice by carefully considering these factors. 


To sum it up, Why do golfers take off their gloves to putt? Golfers often take off their gloves for an enhanced feel and comfort with the club and consistency in gripping it.

Whether or not to take off your golf glove when putting it depends on your comfort level and personal taste. Some golfers feel that removing their gloves improves their sense of touch and consistency when putting, while others would rather wear gloves on every shot.

Knowing the science behind golf glove use and putting can help you become a better player, regardless of experience level. You can enjoy a more consistent ball strike and keep a clear sense of perception on your putting line by taking the appropriate precautions when wearing and taking off golf gloves.

Now, after reading this full guide on why golfers take off their gloves to putt, you’ll be able to decide with confidence whether to wear or remove your golf gloves while putting.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Gloves to Putt?

 To improve feel and sensitivity, encourage consistency in grip pressure, and for historical and psychological reasons, golfers frequently take off their gloves before putting.

Does Every Golfer Take Off Their Glove to Putt?

No, not every player takes off their glove to putt. While some find it more comfortable to putt on without a glove, others prefer it. In the end, it comes down to personal preference.

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