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Can A Golf Ball Kill You?

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Published: 16 May 2024
Written By Nimra Safdar

Reviewed by Farrukh Mehmood

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Golf is not just a game but also a leisure sport that adds joy to your life. It is a game that brings together skill, strategy, and enjoyment. But with enjoyment, many people consider it a dangerous game as many types of equipment like golf drivers, hybrids, irons, and balls are used to play the game of golf.

With all this equipment in mind, many golfers and other people ask: Can a golf ball kill you? The degree of the injury and the victim’s overall health ultimately determine whether a golf ball causes death. While some injuries from golf ball strikes are dangerous and can kill you, others are not even close to being that dangerous.

To understand Can a Golf Ball Kill You, continue reading this guide as by the end of this guide, you will learn about the answer behind Can a Golf Ball Kill You, How to prevent golf ball injuries, What to do if you get hit by a golf ball.

So, let’s dive into the world of golf balls and discover Can a golf ball kill you.

Can a Golf Ball Kill You :

Can a golf ball kill you? Yes, in rare cases, a golf ball can kill you. If a golf ball hits you just above your ears on either side of your head, it can kill you. Because the skull is thinnest here, arteries can burst and cause direct bleeding into the brain, making this the most dangerous place to hit your head. But the chances of death caused by golf balls are nearly 1%.

But there have been two sad instances of golf ball killings recently. One such incident occurred in February 2018 in New Zealand when a man was teeing off when he was struck and killed by a golf ball.

In April 2021, a 69-year-old man lost his life in Australia after being hit by a golf ball in the head while participating in a competition at the Portarlington Golf Club in Victoria Bellarine.

Although deaths caused by golf balls are rare, A golf ball injury has the potential to do significant harm, including lasting disabilities and health issues.  

Injuries Caused By A Golf Ball Hit:

After knowing Can a golf ball kill you, you are also thinking about the injuries that are caused by a golf ball hit. The extent of injuries sustained from a golf ball hit can vary based on several factors, including the ball’s speed, the impact site, and whether the victim was a spectator or a player. The following are some typical injuries caused by a golf ball hit:.

Bruises and contusions:

A golf ball hit directly can result in skin contusions and bruises, producing localized pain, swelling, and discoloration.


Fractures can happen in high-speed collisions, especially in weak spots like the head, face, or arms and legs. The severity of fractures can vary, from small hairline fractures to more serious breaks needing medical attention.

Head Injuries:

A golf ball hit to the head can cause fractures to the skull, brain injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), or head injuries. These wounds must be treated medically immediately because they could have long-term effects.

Psychological Trauma:

A golf ball hit can result in psychological trauma in addition to physical harm. It includes anxiety, a fear of going back to the golf course, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially in the case of spectators who witness severe incidents.

Internal Injuries.

A golf ball strike can, in rare cases of strong impacts, cause internal injuries like rib fractures, internal bleeding, or damage to internal organs.

It’s crucial to remember that golf ball injuries are comparatively uncommon compared to other sports-related injuries. To reduce the chance of injury and guarantee the safety of players and spectators on the golf course, awareness, following safety procedures, and receiving medical attention as soon as possible are essential.

How to Prevent Golf Ball Injuries:

Knowing Can a golf ball kill you and the injuries caused by a golf ball hit, you are also wondering about how to save yourself from being injured by a golf ball. There are very few injuries involving golf balls.

Awareness, safety precautions, and procedure adherence are necessary to prevent golf ball injuries. Whether you’re a spectator or a player on the course, here are some essential recommendations for minimizing your chance of suffering an injury from a golf ball:

Considerations For Golfers to Prevent Golf Ball Injury:

  • Before swinging, Always look around to make sure nobody is in danger.
  • To ensure stability during swings, dress appropriately and wear golf shoes with traction. For additional protection, think about wearing a hat or helmet.
  • Respect golf course etiquette by holding on to teeing off until the group ahead of you has cleared the area.
  • Shout “Fore” to warn anyone nearby if your shot goes off course and becomes potentially harmful.

Considerations For Spectators to Prevent Golf Ball Injury:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings and pay attention to the game, particularly when walking near fairways and greens.
  • On the golf course, pay attention to your position. Standing behind the person swinging is always safer.
  • Retrieving lost balls should not involve going onto the course; instead, stay behind ropes or designated spectator areas.
  • Get familiar with the meaning of “Fore” and note if a golfer shouts it out.
  • Always be aware of the golfer who will take the next shot.

Both players and spectators can enjoy the game while lowering the risk of golf ball injuries by putting these preventative considerations into place and encouraging a culture of safety awareness on the golf course. Remember that the most important thing in any recreational activity is safety.

What To Do If You Get Hit By A Golf Ball?

On the golf course, you could get hit by a golf ball. Therefore, you need to know what to do to recover quickly in such an event.

The standard recommendation is to immediately stop participating in the activity if you have any signs of brain injury or if you have received a minor blow to the head from a golf ball. It would help if you got checked out immediately by a medical professional or paramedic to rule out a concussion. Your doctor should diagnose you appropriately and start treatment if needed.

The doctor should decide if it’s safe for you to go back to the golf course. If otherwise, you should be taken home as soon as you’re well after receiving the required medical care.

Although being hit by a golf ball can be terrifying, you may reduce the severity of your injury and speed up your recovery by staying focused, getting help immediately, and following the right procedures.


To wrap it up, Can a golf ball kill you? Whether a golf ball causes death ultimately depends on the severity of the injury and the victim’s general state of health. Some injuries from golf ball strikes are extremely dangerous and have the potential to be deadly, but others are rare at all.

Head injuries and injuries near the neck and brain are dangerous and lead to death. You shouldn’t be discouraged from playing golf because serious head injuries are extremely rare in the game. It would be best to take the necessary safety precautions to stay on the golf course.

The likelihood of an accident can be decreased by doing simple things like calling “fore” or looking to see if someone is in the way of a golf ball. You won’t have to worry about freak accidents if you take these easy safety precautions. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a Golf Ball Kill You?

Although it is extremely unlikely, there is a chance that a golf ball could kill someone in specific situations. However, These kinds of events are extremely uncommon.

What Factors Affect How Serious a Golf Ball Injury Is?

Several factors, including the ball’s speed and trajectory, the point of impact on the body, and whether the person hit is a player or a spectator, affect how serious a golf ball injury is.

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