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How Much Does a Golf Iron Weigh? 

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How much does a golf iron weigh
How much does a golf iron weigh
Published: 5 March 2024
Written By Nimra Safdar

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Among all the golf clubs, your irons play a very vital role in improving your golf game on a course. The alchemists of the golf bag are golf irons—strike the perfect balance between power and accuracy, enabling a golfer to realize their intent with every well-weighted swing.

Golf Irons are available in many different weights. The weight of a golf iron can have a big influence on your game. If you are a person who is thinking about which golf iron weight is best for you and How much a golf iron weighs, then you are at the right place to solve your query.

In this guide, I am going to highlight the weight of different irons, and by the end of this guide, you will get to know How much Golf irons weigh

How Much Does a Golf Iron Weigh?

How much does a golf iron weigh
How much does a golf iron weigh?   3

The weight of a golf iron can change based on several variables, including the model, materials used in construction, and the type of iron (3-iron, 7-iron, pitching wedge, etc.). The usual weight range for golf irons is between 270 and 310 grams or more.

The weight of a golf iron can range from 0.88 to 0.97 pounds. The iron’s head, shaft, and grip add to its importance. The 3-iron is the lightest iron in the set, weighing about 400 grams (0.88 pounds), and the 9-iron is the heaviest, weighing about 440 grams (0.97 pounds). The table below shows the weights of different types of iron clubs.

  • The table given will help you know the weight of the golf iron.

Since the average shaft and grip weights of 120 grams (0.26 pounds) and 50 grams (0.11 pounds) have not changed, the main cause of the weight difference between the irons is the variation in head weight. 

Are Carrying Golf Irons Heavy?

The weight of golf irons, including carrying-style irons, can vary depending on design, materials used, and club specifications. In general, golf clubs are made to be relatively light to facilitate better control and comfort during the swing, but they may significantly increase the weight of your golf bag.

Irons are designed to offer precision and versatility to golfers in shots. The particular weight of irons to be carried can vary depending on the manufacturer’s materials, model, and brand.

If you are worried about the weight of your golf irons, especially if you plan to carry them around, consider trying out some different clubs or getting a professional club fitting. 

In summary, how well the irons perform on the course is more important than their weight. Therefore, you can’t replace your current irons if you’re happy with them.

Do Professional Players use Heavy or Lightweight Irons?

How much does a golf iron weigh
How much does a golf iron weigh?   4

Like any other golfer, professional players have personal preferences regarding the weight of their irons. Experienced players may use a range of iron weights depending on their swing characteristics, playing style, and comfort level, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Some professional golfers choose heavier irons for improved control, stability, and a more even feel throughout the swing; Some might choose lighter irons to increase their swing speed and skill. 

So, choosing irons for the game, whether one is a beginner golfer or a professional golfer, depends on their preferences and needs.

Light Irons Vs Heavy Irons:

Regarding light vs. heavy iron clubs, keep the following points in mind:

Light Weight Iron Clubs:

Lighter clubs are frequently easier to swing fast. , It is beneficial for golfers with slow swing speeds.
Lightweight golf clubs allow golfers to increase their distance at a course.
Lighter clubs are ideal for those with trouble with timing or coordination, as golden clubs provide more control.

Heavy Weight Iron Clubs:

Heavier clubs offer better stability during the swing, ideal for those who want a consistent feel.
Some golfers believe heavier clubs offer a more reliable and consistent strike, particularly for those with a faster swing speed.
G golfers who like a more substantial feel in their hands may prefer weightier clubs.

Choosing between light and heavy clubs is frequently a matter of personal preference. Injured golfers or those with physical restrictions might find one weight category more appropriate for their needs. For instance, people who have joint problems might like lighter clubs.

Which iron club—light or heavy—is right for you depends on your preferences, swing type, and physical attributes. Experimenting with various options is crucial to finding the ideal choice for yourself.


In conclusion, How much does a golf iron weigh? A golf iron’s weight is more than just a figure on a specification sheet; it plays a vital role in the complex move-around between the club and the player.

Selecting the appropriate weight for your game because golf irons are available in various weights. A lighter golf iron will help you if your swing speed is slower.

If you have a quick speed, using a heavier golf iron is helpful to keep more control over your shots and keep them from veering too far off course with the heavier weight.

So, it is crucial to test out various weights until you determine which one works best for your style of play. Every golfer has a different “ideal” weight, so choose the one that suits you the best and stick with it. 

Thanks for reading. After reading this full guide on how much a golf iron weighs, I hope you are confident and will choose the perfect iron weight suitable to your game and skills. Read our article on Best iron sets for seniors and how long do golf irons last?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a Typical Iron Golf Club Weigh?

A typical iron golf club’s weight usually falls into one of several ranges. This can change depending on things like the materials used to build the club and its number, the 3-iron is the lightest iron in the set, weighing about 400 grams (0.88 pounds), and the 9-iron is the heaviest, weighing about 440 grams (0.97 pounds). 

Which iron clubs should I choose—lighter or heavier?

Depending on your playing style, swing characteristics, and personal preferences, you can choose between heavier and lighter clubs. While some golfers choose the added speed of lighter clubs, others prefer the feel and control of heavier clubs.

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