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7 Best Golf Club Storage Racks & Organizers For Garage

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7 Best Golf Club Storage Racks & Organizers For Garage
7 Best Golf Club Storage Racks & Organizers For Garage
Published: 29 January 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

Golfers who choose to play the game are aware that it can be a costly endeavor. In addition to the expenses associated with golfing, such as club fees, golf shoes, club memberships, and greens fees, there is also the matter of storage. Golf club sets typically occupy considerable space, likely in the garage. 

Golf equipment necessitates a high level of upkeep. You can purchase the finest clubs, footwear, and bags, but they are a good use of resources if used correctly. Apart from environmental considerations, the utilization or non-utilization of a storage rack has a considerable impact.

Arranging the best golf club storage racks and organizers is a solution that can help achieve several objectives, including maintaining a neat and organized appearance in the garage, maximizing garage space, keeping golf clubs off the ground, and ensuring that all golf gear is easily accessible.

The two most popular options for golf club storage are the SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer Rack and the Milliard Golf Racks. Both are popular because of their durability and good space. The most effective golf club storage organizer should be durable and straightforward.

Check out the Best Golf Club Storage racks and organizers list and see which would be the perfect addition to your game this season.

Our Top Picks Best Golf Club Storage Racks & Organizers

  • Best Overall
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer

  • Most Compact – 2 Bags
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    Milliard Golf Organizer

  • Best for Single Bag
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    Mythinglogic Golf Organizer

  • Best Wall Mounted
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    StoreYourBoard BLAT 2 Golf Bag Rack

  • Best Value
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    Home-it Dual Golf Bag Organizer

  • Most Compact Golf Club Storage Rack
    7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage

    Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer

1. SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer – Best Overall

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • a large amount of storage
  • You may store extra clubs on the side attachments
  • Walking carts can be stored on the top shelf
  • 2 lockable casters for repositioning the stand
  • If not required, the top section can be removed


  • Pricey
  • Requires a lot of room

This Golf Rack model is designed to provide a convenient way to store and organize a variety of golfing or garage accessories. It features adjustable shelves that are both sturdy and adjustable, allowing for the storage of golf ball cases and tees, as well as hats, shoes, and cold-weather gear. 

Additionally, the innovative design of the SafeRacks includes 3″ wheels with a locking mechanism for easy movement, a portable bottle opener, and three adjustable shelves. 

This heavy-duty rack weighs 40 pounds and measures 18″ deep x 43″ wide x 40″ in length. Additionally, two 14.5″ wide x 18″ deep bag slots allow for the storage of a tour-sized golf cart bag on either side. The bottom wheels provide additional mobility, especially as the rack is heavily weighted.

2. Milliard Golf Organizer – Most Compact -2 bags

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Wheels make it simple to move around
  • Fits two golf bags for workers
  • All your gear is stored on four shelves


  • No outside hooks to hold other sporting goods

If you’re looking for a golf organizer that won’t break down, Milliard has you covered. It’s made of anti-rust, carbon steel and has a long lifespan, so you won’t have to replace it for a while. It’s 36 “x 16″ x 37″ and has a 26” main compartment that holds two bags. Plus, the bottom wheels help it move around, and you can lock it in place.

The soft foam edge at the organizer’s top protects your clubs from nicks or scratches, while the additional lip at the bottom prevents them from sliding off.

3. Mythinglogic Golf Organizer – Best for Single Bag

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Compact, little size
  • Adjacent hooks on the edges
  • Wheels to provide easy mobility
  • It can be fastened to their two-bag rack


  • Absence of shoe or other gear shelves

The Mything Logical Golf Storage is a large rack with adjustable feet and a supportive bottom. Its dimensions measure 40.4 inches L x 15.7 inches W x 34.3 inches H, making it suitable for two bags and a separate rack for two clubs. 

The rack’s feet are designed to provide stability on any surface, and the bottom is constructed from a steel board with an adjustable front rod to prevent bags from tipping.

Soft edges are designed to protect golf clubs and other sporting equipment from damage caused by nicks and scratches. It is made from durable and high-quality steel; these products are designed to last for an extended period.

4. StoreYourBoard BLAT 2 Golf Bag RackBest Wall Mounted

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Easy to install
  • Fits two regular golf bags
  • Needs a little area to be placed
  • Affordable


  • You cannot keep your clothes, shoes, or golf balls straight on the rack
  • Hanging bulky bags from the hooks may cause them to break or loosen the bracket

This rack is designed to accommodate up to four golf bags, with an adjustable carry handle that can be adjusted to fit any bag size. It is Constructed from strong and durable steel, can support up to three hundred pounds, and is secured with locking pins.

Additionally, independent mounting brackets are available for quick setup, and the rack is built to last.

5. Home-It Dual Golf Bag Organizer – Best Value

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Easily stores two trolley bags
  • Four racks for clothing and accessories
  • Simple assembly


  • The feet cannot be adjusted

This golf storage rack is constructed from robust steel and designed to simultaneously accommodate two golf bags on either side of the frame.

It ensures that the bags do not come into contact with each other if they are larger than one another while also providing ample storage space for accessories. Dimensions of the Home-it Double Golf Storage Rooftop Rooftop Rack range from 44 to 15 to 40 inches.

6. Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer – Most Compact Golf Club Storage Rack

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Simple assembly
  • Tiny dimensions
  • Cost-effective in comparison to choices 
  • High caliber


  • The instructions could be absent
  • Small for shopping carts

This double-golf bag organizer is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for organizing and storing golfing equipment. It is ideal for garages and basements due to its three shelves and 5″ bin for storage.

This organizer is constructed with strong metal and designed to last many years. Additionally, the adjustable feet ensure the organizer is level, eliminating the risk of being knocked over. The organizer is 32 inches x 16 inches x 37 inches in size.

7. HyLoft Overhead Storage System – Best Overhead Storage For Golf Equipment

7 best golf club storage racks & organizers for garage


  • Low-cost storage
  • Requires less room
  • Secure long-term keeping


  • Problems with installation
  • Difficult to clean 
  • Difficult to reach for Short heighted people 

This ceiling rack is designed to provide maximum storage space with a more than 30 cubic feet capacity. It is constructed of all steel, designed to last, and is scratch-resistant with a white powder-coated finish. The two shelves are designed to be evenly distributed, with a capacity of 250 pounds each. 

It suits sports equipment, seasonal décor, and other heavy items. The adjustable height of the rack allows for a drop down from 17 to 28 inches, and all necessary hardware is included to simplify installation. This ceiling rack is ideal for garage organization and can accommodate bins, baskets, and large items.

How to Store Your Golf Equipment at Home

Maintaining the security of golfing equipment in one’s home is still possible. Although it may require more compromise and planning, it is achievable.

Many people need the luxury of an open garage, so choosing an economical and practical solution for one’s apartment or home is wise. Identifying potential hazards in the living area, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, pets, or children (regardless of their affection), is important. 

Additionally, the number of items to be stored, such as clubs, bags, and accessories, should be considered. Finally, the amount of space available with optimal conditions should be considered.

A smaller and more compact golf rack should be chosen to store the items in one place without taking up too much space. It is also recommended to avoid using laundry rooms, kitchens, or other humid rooms.

Things You Need to Know When Selecting a Golf Organizer

When it comes to buying an organizer, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you need and pick the right one. You might wonder why your golf rack matters, but you should know what it’s all about.

It’s protecting all the money you’ve put into your golfing gear so you can make an informed decision once you’ve done the math. Whether looking for an off-season or daily storage organizer, ensure you’ve thought of everything you’ll need.

Good Storage:

Golf equipment racks can be expensive, so it is important to consider all your belongings before purchasing. Once you have evaluated the number of items you have and the amount of space they require, you can select the size and model of the organizer that best suits your needs.

Depending on the model, you may find a variety of compartments and shelves, such as shelves for shoes, areas for two bags, and separate sections for clubs and bags. It allows you to explore the world of golf and make an informed decision.

Easy to Assemble:

The main thing to consider is that you can purchase an organizer based on the skill required to assemble it. Some racks are easy to construct and do not require additional tools.

Additionally, they come with step-by-step instructions, providing a helpful guide for those who are inexperienced. During construction, you can customize the organizer to your liking, adding or removing features as desired. 

Easy to move: 

Golf bag storage racks often come with wheels, allowing them to be moved around the home or garage area. However, it is important to ensure that they remain in good working order while the weight of your gear weighs them down.

Additionally, suppose the golf bag organizer is located where it is likely to be knocked over and moved by accident. In that case, purchasing a stationary golf bag organizer in the garage may be beneficial.

Durable and Stable:

When selecting a golf rack, it is important to ensure that it is durable and stable. My greatest concern with golf racks is the risk of them toppling over.

I cannot count the number of times I have looked at a stand and braced myself for it to fall or held it up against a wall for support. In the worst-case scenario, I assemble the rack, and it collapses. 

Perhaps it is just me, but I am constantly debating the question of “too safe” or “not safe.” Therefore, build and quality are essential to feel comfortable putting my clubs into a rack. It is important to research the material the rack is made from and read reviews from others to make an informed decision.

Protect gear:

While a simple metal rack may be sufficient for some, others may require additional features. Some models feature foam affixed to the top of the rack, where the clubs would normally be exposed, to protect them from damage.

Others may feature shelves with a net covering to secure the golf balls. There are numerous solutions available to address any particular concern.

Final Thoughts 

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of golf bag organizers to meet the needs of golfers. If you are tired of navigating your golfing gear every time you enter your garage, it is time to invest in a golf bag organizer.

Your circumstances will determine the most suitable solution for your needs and equipment. Several golf racks are available that can be used for various golfing activities.

The top of the list is SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer because of its extra space for golf equipment and 2 lockable casters for repositioning the stand. If you care for your golf equipment, your scoreboard can easily increase as equipment affects it.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can one store a large number of golf clubs? 

For extended storage, bringing the golf clubs into the home is recommended, or placing them in a dry and controlled environment. Before committing to a long-term storage plan, it is advisable to give the golf clubs a thorough cleaning. It includes cleaning the clubheads, grips, and shafts and wiping them down.

How do I mount my golf clubs on my wall?

To mount golf clubs on your wall, you’ll need a strong steel mount bracket that you attach to your wall first. Then, you can add hooks that your golf bag will sit on. You will need a drill and screwdriver to mount the two golf bags on the wall.

Where Do People Store Their Golf Clubs?

Most people park their golf clubs in the garage because it’s outside the house and not in the way. But if you park your car in the garage (which is the obvious place to park your car), then think about how easy it would be to remove your golf clubs from the garage.

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