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Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good And Worth Buying in 2024

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Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good And Worth Buying in 2024
Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good And Worth Buying in 2024
Published: 24 January 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

My go-to choice when it comes to golf on the greens has always been Cobra golf clubs. Have you ever found yourself on the course with a club that seems more like a burden than a help? Yes, I have walked that path. It is the disappointment of missed opportunities, underwhelming swings, and wishing for equipment that performs as expected.

However, this is where Cobra intervenes and fundamentally alters the course of events. So, I grab my Cobra club, feel its power, and all of a sudden, those missed shots vanish from my memory.

Now, it is more than just a game of golf—it is about transforming each round into my personal victory lap. At Cobra Golf, every swing is an opportunity to unleash my inner golf pro. This is where frustration meets its equal. You may like to read our detailed guide on are cleveland golf clubs good?

Are Cobra Golf Clubs also leading this unsaturated market like Ping, Callaway, or Tour Edge? Let me show you. 


Thomas L. Crow, a former Australian Open champion, started Cobra Golf in 1973 after observing that Americans were purchasing clubs that were inappropriate for their skill level. He created a brand that catered specifically to average players and game improvement.

COBRA has created many innovations in their 50 years of great journey.  For the first time, COBRA introduced lighter-weighing graphite shafts and driving irons, which are ideal for average players. 

Subsequently, their oversized irons gained popularity in the US, and this creative move rapidly increased their earnings. PUMA is now the owner of it after numerous acquisitions. Gary Woodland, an open champion in 2019, signed with COBRA in 2023 to become a full COBRA PUMA golf athlete. 


On the PGA, LPGA, and DP World Tours, ten professional golfers currently use Cobra. Whether you are a high handicapper, an intermediate player, or somewhere in between, Cobra offers the highest caliber accessories to satisfy your needs. The best players in the league now reside at Cobra, but they have not forgotten the averages they were meant to represent.

Other tour players might be using Cobra. They are most likely free equipment agents who work with a variety of brands. They not only make clubs but also tools that eliminate all those irksome pain points.

Imagine yourself improving with each swing, growing as a player, and seeing every shot become a work of art. Similar to a dependable friend who always has your back, Cobra transforms your golf game into an engaging story. 


I carried irons in my bag and a Cobra driver for most of last year. I added their wedges early in the fall. Despite all the negativity that many people give me about being a TaylorMade player, the people who know me best would probably say that my true passion is Cobra-PUMA. Their clubs will not be something you can ignore.

These days, Cobra only makes its irons in one length and standard format.  One of the few manufacturers of clubs to do this. Out of all the brands, I believe Cobra has the greatest qualities and great technologies used in their clubs to grow in the years to come. 

Cobra Golf Club differentiates itself from the competition by putting the needs of the player first while also delivering exceptional performance. Here are some tactics that Cobra employs to successfully compete:

Innovative Technology:

The cobra is a symbol of creativity, continually striving and bringing new possible changes to golf equipment. Their cutting-edge technology is a constant feature of Cobra’s club designs, which makes sure that their clubs stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber and intelligent technological features, attracting golfers who enjoy the creativity of their clubs.

Performance-Focused Design:

Cobra Golf bases its club design decisions on performance. Their clubs are made with the best possible distance, accuracy, and forgiveness in mind. Golfers who value noticeable improvements in their game will find this dedication to improving on the course appealing.

Wide Product Selection for Every Skill:

Cobra offers every kind of golf club under the sun, including drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. By allowing golfers to put together a set of clubs that function well together, for me, their irons always become a game changer because of their standard length technology, but in my opinion, they should offer some custom fittings for beginners or petite players. 

Competitive Pricing:

Despite being known for their premium and cutting-edge features, Cobra Golf Clubs frequently keep their prices low, which grabs my attention at first sight, and allows a wide variety of golfers to purchase their products.  This brand is more competitive in the market because of its quality and value combination.

Brand Heritage:

Cobra has a long history in the golf industry, and this helps to establish the credibility and trustworthiness of their products. This initially motivated me to select Cobra, but at this point, my experiences speak volumes about it.  Players often have a preference for well-known brands that are known for making high-quality equipment. Don’t miss to read our article Are mizuno golf clubs good?


1. The Best Complete Golf Club Set- The COBRA XL Speed Set

Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 8

To put myself in the background, the Cobra XL Speed Set was my first choice when I first developed a passion for golf, and it has since become a standard in the golfing world. According to recent research, big players like heavy hitter Bryan Dechambeau are now using Cobra XL speed sets.

With so many options for both seniors and amateurs to advance their skills, the Cobra XL Set has become a top choice for clubs looking to improve their beginner or intermediate players. This set includes all of the following clubs: PW, SW, Putter, 4–9 Iron, 3–5 Wood, 4–5 Hybrid, and Driver.

For those hot summer days, it also comes in a high-quality cart bag with an XL cooler pocket. The cavity backs in the irons reduce the center of gravity and guarantee that you hit accurate, towering shots.  This set also allows for shaft customization.

To hit the ball as far as possible—between 120 and 150 yards—I would adjust the shafts to suit my needs. Even though the Wilson Platinum Profile and Callaway Strata sets are fierce rivals, the Cobra XL sets are still more than capable of challenging any entry-level set.


Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 9

Although many players find that Cobra drivers do not stand perfectly like Callaway, Ping, and Taylormade do, I have learned from my experiences on the green that high-speed players should consider the Cobra Aerojet Drivers as a great middle-ground option for players who aim for maximum distance on every shot.

A brand-new driver family called Cobra Aero Jet targets head speed with enhanced aerodynamic performance. A new PWR Bridge structure increases ball speed, and a 15-hotspot PWR Shell face adds forgiveness.

Because of the low center of gravity of the Aerojet family, I was able to accelerate the launch from mid-to-high and decrease my spin. To ensure better energy transfer off the tee, the PWR-Bridge weighing increased my clubface flex.

3. Best Fairway Woods – COBRA KING RADSPEED 

Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 10

Out of the six best fairway woods in 2023, this cobra wood came in first place.  And it remains at the top for now.  For golfers looking for the best performance and innovation, the COBRA KING RADSPEED Fairway Woods is a standout option. 

When I used these fairway woods on the course as a beginner, their cutting-edge technology and design gave me great forgiveness, distance, and versatility.  A CNC-milled face and adjustable weights are two features of the RADSPEED technology that help to achieve ideal launch conditions and consistent ball speed. 

Well-made construction and a sleek design add to the overall appeal. According to my evaluation, the COBRA KING RADSPEED Fairway Woods rank among the best in their class and provide a playability, power, and precision combination that can improve a player’s game at any skill level.

This club features a fixed internal weight close to the face for excellent launch, ultimate distance, and workability.  Adding an interchangeable angle near the back can improve launch, reduce spin, or increase forgiveness.

4. Best Hybrid: COBRA LTDx HYBRID 

Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 11

The Cobra LTDx Hybrid has won praise for its outstanding features and cutting-edge performance.  Golfers value the adjustable weighting system’s versatility because it lets them customise the club to fit their playing style. Even on mishits, the forged face insert and the high-strength steel construction provide consistent ball speed and distance.

Enhancing turf interaction and launch conditions, the baffler rails and hollow split rail technologies make this hybrid a dependable choice from a variety of lies and enhance the club’s turf interaction.  

The highly optimised topology is invented in this hybrid, creating 15 different hot zones and adding face thickness to the club front to increase distance in shots Golfers have taken notice of the Cobra LTDx Hybrid’s superior aesthetics, praising the club’s streamlined design.

In summary, the Cobra LTDx Hybrid is a visually striking and high-performing hybrid, and according to my experiences, it appeals to every golfer looking for a strong and adaptable addition to their bag.


Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 12

With new technologies intended to give golfers even more spin around the greens, Cobra released an update to their Snakebite wedges earlier this year. Using the new Snakebite wedge, I tested its ability to compete on the golf course against top-tier wedges such as the  TaylorMade MG3 and Callaway Jaws.

Cobra claims that the Snakebite wedges have produced the most “aggressive” groove to date because they use an enhanced CNC milling process on their grooves to maximise volume and tighten tolerances. The face milling pattern enhanced my spin rate, which improved my performance in damp circumstances.

I noticed that the wedge felt heavy right away when I picked it up and began hitting some chips with it. This could have been because the wedge was attached to a 125g KBS shaft. With an open clubface, I was able to increase spin by using the full-face grooves found in the lower lofted 56, 58, and 60-degree wedges.

Last but not least, Cobra provides the Snake Bite wedge in three sole grinds: classic, wide low, and versatile. The versatile design is appropriate for all turf conditions and attack angles, whereas wide, low, and classic are appropriate for neutral or steep attack angles.

The main difference between Cobra’s wedges and other brands on the market is the notch on the sole, which the brand claims can help you open up the club face for more manipulation.

When I tested the wedge at 56 degrees, I was very confident with it from within 50 yards, but my results were less consistent outside that mark. If you have a lot of green to work with and need a shot around the green, these could be a useful addition to the bag as a lob wedge.


Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 13

Last but not least, Cobra has started producing extremely forgiving golf clubs that are flexible at impact and stable at impact. As a result, from the tee to the green, performance is enhanced with consistent ball speed and contained spin. Let us move on to the aerojet irons while still striking with the aerojet family. 

To optimise flex and energy transfer on every shot, PWR-Bridge Weighting and PWRSHELL Face work together.  Plus, for an improved approach experience, the well-liked H.O.T. Face Technology reappears, widening the sweet spot and adding variable thickness to the clubface.

The PWR-Bridge weighting also succeeded in dampening vibrations and boosting acoustics. Because of this, I was able to use the Cobra Aerojet Irons to produce enough speed and spin on every shot to get a successful  carry distance.

These irons are a little pricey, so Cobra LTDx irons from earlier generations are a good alternative if money is not an issue.   With a captivating blend of technology, performance, and design, the Cobra Aerojet Irons make a big impression in the golf iron market.

If you are looking for irons that prioritise increased clubhead speed, forged feel, and a progressive design, the Cobra Aerojet Irons are well worth considering.


Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024
Are cobra golf clubs good and worth buying in 2024 14

Let me conclude my product review session with the COBRA KING SUPER NOVA putter, which is the best of the COBRA brand.  That’s the SuperNova, shaped like a big fang, which seemed quite sharp to my discerning eyes.  I liked the design of a “modern mallet” and its alignment aid to train tracks that helped me keep the club on a path through the stroke.

I enjoyed the “modern mallet” design and how the alignment aid training feels almost like aluminium and is hybrid. Lightweight, 3D-printed nylon lattice “cartridges” in the Super Nova help reduce vibrations during impact. The putter’s 261-gram chassis and 42 grams of tungsten weight increased my balance even more.

It also has 30 degrees of toe hang, which is perfect for putting strokes with a lot of arches. Whatever the angle, the four lofts that this putter’s DLT technology offers me encourage a clean strike and improved topspin.

For golfers looking for a high-performance putter with cutting-edge technology and design, the Cobra King Super Nova Putter appears to be a compelling option.


Do Cobra clubs stand out when competing with other brands?

Indeed, Cobra golf clubs are good. Cobra golf clubs are less expensive and more forgiving than competitors’ products. The Cobra brand has clubs for every age group, gender, and skill level. Cobra offers the buttery-soft feel and neutral flight you require, as well as a highly forgiving draw bias. 

Innovation in golf club manufacturing for more than 50 years is impressive, but when combined with experience, it is a winning combination.  After 50 years of producing accurate, long-lasting, forgiving, and high-quality clubs, Cobra has learned a lot through trial and error and success. The brand can currently build on past successes and refine undesirable results to produce affordable, high-quality golf clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cobra clubs offer good financial returns?

A lot of golfers believe that Cobra clubs are a good investment because of their reputation in the industry, performance, and innovation.

What is the performance of Cobra Clubs in comparison to other brands?

Cobra golf clubs have a competitive performance, and some players prefer them because of their cutting-edge design and technology.

Are Cobra clubs used by professional golfers?

A few professional golfers use Cobra clubs to demonstrate their performance at the pinnacle of the sport.

Are Cobra golf clubs appropriate for female and male players?

Cobra offers a range of clubs designed for both men and women, considering differences in swing speed and strength.

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