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3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid – Is It Worth Carrying Both?

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3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid
3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid
Published: 16 February 2024
Written By Ifrah Tanveer

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Zafar Mehmood

The golfing puzzel for Selecting a hybrid golf club between a 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid is similar to selecting the superhero club in your bag. Compared to the less forgiving long irons, hybrids are all the rage because they launch the ball high, forgive those less-than-perfect swings, and make landings on the green feel like a warm, welcome hug.

We go through everything from how far each one goes to the spin they bring to the table, the loft differences, and other cool details that will help you make an informed decision. I have had a ton of experiences and stories that have helped me understand the significance of H3 and H4 individually.

Consider it your own personal guide to golf, helping you make decisions between the reliable 3 hybrid and its cousin, the 4 hybrid. So pick up your clubs and let’s begin this journey to discover which hybrid will be your golfing partner!

Introduction to the 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid

The lines suddenly become less distinct when we introduce the 4 and 3 hybrids, which are similar in size and loft. When you pit these hybrids against one another, you see, it is like having to decide between two teammates who are equally skilled. Both of them try their hardest to forgive, but the devil is in the details.

Things start to get interesting at this point. It might be difficult to decide because of the tiny variation in size and loft. Therefore, even though we all agree that hybrids are the ideal kind of people, making this decision may require more thought than we first realized. You can read our article on best hybrid iron sets.

3 hybrid:

The 3 hybrid is your best option if you want a smooth, lower-arcing shot. It can shoot up to 190 yards on average. That is an impressive figure, especially in light of the fact that the 4 hybrid, its equivalent, is only about 180 yards away. Granted, that is not a huge difference, but every yard counts.

When we took these clubs for a spin, the 3 hybrids felt a lot like trying to swing a flagpole, especially off the deck, even though it was a distance beast. In contrast, the four hybrids felt slightly more controllable. However, do not discount the 3 hybrids just yet; it is a valuable tool for you in the rough.

It is not going to make miracles over obstacles, but when you need it, it can cut through tall grass like a machete. Thus, always have those three 3 hybrid ready, particularly for those challenging moments on the course.

Rave review of the user: 

If you have trouble hitting your 4-iron, I’d consider looking at getting a 5W/7W and 4 hybrid and pulling the 4-iron out of the bag. If you are set on keeping the 4-iron in the bag, I would go with the 3-hybrid. The 4 hybrid and 4-iron are essentially the same club; the hybrid will be a little longer based on the characteristics of the club. because it always depends on what is currently in your bag, of course. For me, a 3 hybrid is preferred between my 3 wood and 4 iron gaps.

4 hybrid: 

Let us dig a little deeper into these hybrids. The 4 Hybrid, my trusty course companion, is often the best supporter. Yes, it shares the stage with the 3 hybrid in terms of loft angles, but let me tell you something: the 4 hybrid is the MVP in terms of versatility and utility. It is like having a candle in your golf bag when it is dark outside.

Things start to get interesting at this point. The typical loft of a 4 hybrid is between 24 and 28 degrees, while the loft of a 3 hybrid is between 21 and 24 degrees. Even though the numbers are comparable, holding that 4 hybrid makes the difference feel more noticeable. A portion of this magic involves the four hybrids’ shorter shafts.

For those of us who are high to mid handicappers, it makes the 4 hybrid feel like a comfortable glove. In other words, the 4 hybrid could be your secret club if you are eyeing those trees or trying to hit the ball dead on the greens. 

A rave review by the user:

I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on using a 3 or 4 hybrid. I am aware that a lot will depend on what is in your bag. I’m leaning towards the 4 hybrid. I haven’t updated my Driver and 3 Wood but am looking to add the TSr hybrid. My irons are 4-9. My thought is to add a 4 hybrid to bridge the gap between my 4 and 3 wood, and maybe also replace my 4 iron as I am very inconsistent with the long irons. Curious what everyone else plays or thoughts on the differences in the 3 and 4.

The Main Variations Between a 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid

3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid
3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid - is it worth carrying both? 2

Both the 3 and the 4 hybrids bring unique flavors to the game in the final showdown. Discovering the rhythm that corresponds with your swing is more important than simply doing math. So follow these insights for better acknowledgment: 

Hybrid Loft:

The highlight of the performance of these hybrids is the loft. With a smaller loft than a contemporary 4-iron or 5-wood, the 3-hybrid steps in. This, of course, implies that it has a ticket for a longer trip than its sibling, the 4 hybrid. 

Shaft Length:

With an average length of 40.5 inches, the 3 hybrid shows off its swagger with a marginally faster swing speed. On the other hand, the 4 hybrid’s 40-inch shaft produces clean strikes and is easier to control.


In my testing, the 3 hybrid consistently performs better at low spin than the 4 hybrid. A lower apex and more yardage result from less spin. After doing some calculations, it was found that the 3-hybrid had 100 fewer revolutions per minute (rpm) than the 4-hybrid

Launch Angle:

The elevator pitch for your golf ball is called the launch angle. The 3 hybrid naturally launches lower than the 4 hybrid because of its stronger loft. It is the trajectory artist who elevates your game by promising a little extra roll upon landing.

Ball Speed:

focusing on ball speed, which is our swing’s core. As the speedster, the 3 hybrid accelerates the ball’s speed with its lower loft and quicker clubhead speed. In my experience, it has a 5 mph faster clock speed than its 4 hybrid counterpart, providing you with that extra kick. 

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Distance:

This brings us to our grand finale: total distance. With an impressive 18-degree loft, the 3 hybrids outperformed the 4 hybrids, going a whopping 13 yards farther. It resembles the star stealer taking center stage on the golf stage.

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid – What is our preference?

 illustrate in your mind with a golf course specification: 

Tee Shots:

Call in the 3 hybrid when your driver or Fairway Woods decides to take a coffee break. Due to the shorter loft, the ball launches lower, faster, and higher. The longer shaft provides you with more clubhead speed on the downswing. On the tee, it is like having a reliable companion to help you through difficult times.

Fairway Approach Shots:

As they get closer to the green, the four hybrids take center stage. It is the expert you should use for fairway approach shots because of its higher launch and softer landing. This is a great club for getting the ball to stop quicker, particularly on smaller greens. Let the 3-hybrid show off its skills, though, if you are feeling daring and want more roll.

From the Rough:

the rough patches – literally. With their finely tuned soles, hybrids are similar to lawnmowers in terms of golf bag design. The 3 or 4 hybrids, in particular, move smoothly across the surface, encouraging a clean strike that launches the ball high and far.

The 4 hybrid ensures your ball stays on the green by landing softer, protecting it like a velvet glove. However, the 3-hybrid kicks in with a little more power and extra roll if things get really rough.


The elegance is in the green. In my opinion, hybrids are the best players for chip or bump-and-run situations. Here, the 4-hybrid with the higher loft takes the lead. It gently reduces the ball’s speed, giving you more control and consistency.

It resembles an artist carefully crafting your shot with a fine brush. Each hybrid, whether it is the 3 or the 4, has its chance to shine on the green side. Select carefully, and allow the green to cheer your calculated actions.

Which Hybrid Should I Bring? A Three or a Four?

The 3-hybrid only deserves a place in the golf bag symphony if a 5-wood or 4-iron is absent since it takes up space that could be used for wedges. On the other hand, if your bag is lacking a reliable 5-iron or a 7-wood, the 4 hybrid is a step up.

In my experience, the majority of amateurs prefer a 5-wood due to its versatility, so a 3-wood is more of a bonus. Because of this, the 4 hybrid frequently stands out as the sensible option for a well-rounded golf bag, guaranteeing that every club is essential to the game.

Must I Take a Three and a Four Hybrid with Me?

It is a wise strategic move to carry both a 3 and 4 hybrid in the bag for players who struggle with long irons and fairway woods. This decision takes care of any distance gaps that may exist between the 3-wood and mid-irons, thereby making up for the lack of a 5-wood, 4-iron, and 5-iron.

Using these hybrids offers a flexible way to play the course, easing the transition from traditional long-range clubs and reducing associated challenges. It is similar to having a dependable team to make up for distance differences, guaranteeing a more fluid and assured performance on the course.


With nearly all of the technology of its successor, the TaylorMade Sim Max 3 Hybrid is an inexpensive gem that offers premium performance at a lower cost. Its remarkable 94/100 distance, accurate 96/100 accuracy, and forgiving design (95/100) make it suitable for a wide range of players.

Its emphasis on feel and control (92/100) will appeal especially to better players, as it allows for confident shot shaping. Overall, TaylorMade’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the Sim Max 3 Hybrid, which provides a premium golfing experience without the premium price tag.


My attention was drawn to the Launcher XL Halo 4 Hybrid right away because of its large head, which combined a hybrid’s forgiveness with a driver’s feel. It is a dependable rescue club because of the three bottom rails, which were quite helpful in difficult terrain.

With scores of 91/100 for accuracy, 90/100 for distance, 87/100 for feel and control, and 89/100 for forgiveness, this hybrid achieves a strong total score of 90/100. This is a versatile, self-assured club that performs well on the course in terms of power and accuracy.

FINAL THOUGHTS- 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid 

Ultimately, the decision between a 3 and a 4 hybrid comes down to how best to maximize the efficiency and versatility of your bag. The 3 hybrid is forgiving and easy to launch, but when combined with a 5 wood and 4 iron, its loft could be redundant.

The 4 hybrid fills a tactical gap between a 5 wood and a 6 iron, allowing you to maximize your club selection and free up space for critical wedges. Golfers can select a more functional and purpose-driven set of clubs by being aware of the subtle differences between these hybrids. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid 

Can I carry both a 5 wood and a 4 hybrid in my bag?

A: Carrying a 5 wood and a 4 hybrid is theoretically feasible, but doing so could cause needless duplication in your set of clubs. These clubs’ loft profiles may overlap, which could reduce the range of shots you are able to play.

Replace one of them with a more specialized club, like an extra wedge, to maximize your bag space and improve your shot options. This method promotes efficiency on the course by customizing your club choice to your playing style and the conditions of the course.

Muhammad Zafar