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How Tall is a Golf Cart?

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How Tall is a Golf cart?
How Tall is a Golf cart?
Published: 16 March 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

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Have you ever wondered about the size of the golf cart? How tall is a golf cart? And how does the size of a golf cart affect your golf experience? These questions open the door to an exciting exploration of the size that defines this tiny miracle on wheels.

Golf carts are often admired for their functionality and convenience. Golf carts give golfers a 360-degree view of the golf course as they approach the twisting greens. From sleek, low-slung profiles on some carts to more upright, commanding figures on others, the different heights of golf carts subtly affect the golfer’s perspective, creating a connection between you, the driver, and the well-maintained course.

A golf cart’s height isn’t just a number. It’s a function that affects the look and feel of these iconic vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a low-profile cart that adds a touch of elegance or a high-profile cart that gives you more room to maneuver, the height greatly impacts the golfer’s experience.

So, what is the difference between a high-top cart and a low-top cart, and why does it matter on the biggest course on earth? Let’s dive in and find out the answer: How tall is a golf cart?

Why Does It Matter How Tall a Golf Cart is?

Your golf cart height is a surface issue and directly impacts your golf experience as a golfer and your course.  How you get into and out of your cart is an important factor, particularly for seniors or those with mobility impairments. A well-designed golf cart height makes it easier for golfers to access the course, making it more inclusive.

Your cart’s stability and overall maneuverability are directly related to the height. A cart with a lower profile and center of gravity will provide more stability, making it easier to navigate different terrain and offering a smoother ride for the golfer.

Golfers tend to be more comfortable in taller golf carts because they have more headroom.  Standardized golf cart heights are also important for course managers, as they help to ensure uniformity on the course and reduce the risk of collisions with structures, such as bridges and tunnels.

What Affects the Golf Cart’s Dimensions?

Many factors influence a golf cart’s size and function. The purpose of the cart – whether it’s for recreational use, utility, or a specific application – determines the size and features of the cart. The terrain it’s designed to navigate is also important, affecting factors such as the height and stability of the cart.

Golf carts are designed with golfer comfort in mind. Manufacturers adjust the cart’s dimensions to fit various body shapes and sizes. Golf carts can also be customized with options such as an extended canopy or cargo bed.

Consistency and compliance across golf courses are also important factors. Golf carts are designed to comply with industry standards and ensure a safe and comfortable ride. These factors combine to create a golf cart that balances functionality with user comfort and compliance.

Golf Cart Lift Kit

Golf carts with a lift kit are designed to increase the height of the chassis and body above the standard level. It is accomplished by installing specialized components, such as longer shock absorbers, extended spindles, and brackets. The main purpose of a Golf lift kit is to improve the ground clearance and enable larger tires to be installed.


1. Lift kits lift the chassis, giving you more clearance on the ground. It is great for riding on rough terrain, over bumps, or off-road trails, where you don’t have to worry about scraping your undercarriage.

2.  Lift-off golf carts are better suited for off-road driving, providing more grip and maneuverability. This is especially true for golfers who like to explore terrain other than the fairways.

3. Lift kits are a great way to personalize the look of your golf cart. Whether you want a larger tires golf cart, a unique wheel design, or a more rugged look, you can put your golf cart with a lift kit.

4. Lifted carts are also more adaptable. They can be used on various terrains, making them ideal for golf courses, campsites, and other outdoor areas.

5. Some lift kits are equipped with additional suspension options, such as heavy-duty suspensions, which extend the utility of the golf cart by allowing it to tow trailers and carry heavier loads.

6. Lift-off golf carts often give the driver a higher point of view, which can be beneficial in congested areas or when driving on difficult terrain.


1. Lift kits can be difficult to install and may require some technical know-how. If the lift kit isn’t installed correctly, it can cause alignment problems, affecting the golf cart’s performance and safety.

2. Because golf carts are lifted, their center of gravity is higher, which can harm stability, particularly when making sharp turns or driving on rough terrain. It can increase your risk of tipping if you don’t drive carefully.

3. With bigger tires and more ground clearance, the golf cart’s drivetrain components can take on more wear and tear, leading to faster wear and tear or even a need for repairs.

4. Golf carts that have been lifted may need to meet local requirements or course guidelines. Certain areas have restrictions on changes, and non-compliance can lead to fines or restrictions on where the cart can be used.

5. Lift-off carts can have a different driving experience than traditional carts. Golfers must adjust to the differences in handling and response.

Height of Yamaha Golf Carts:

Let’s take a look at Yamaha’s newest golf carts and their heights:

Model NameHeight (with Canopy)Height (without Canopy)
Yamaha UMAX 1 & 2 EFI74.02 inches48.54 inches
UMAX Rally 2+277.20 inches57.48 inches
UMAX Bistro71.81 inches48.54 inches
Drive 2 – Fleet70.0 inchesN/A
Drive 2 – PTV70.0 inchesN/A
Concierge 475.2 inches48.1 inches
Concierge 675.2 inches46.9 inches
Adventurer Sport 2+2N/A50.0 inches
Adventurer Super HaulerN/A48.8 inches

Height of E-Z-GO Golf Carts:

The table below shows the heights for some of the most up-to-date golf carts on the market:

Model NameHeight (with Canopy)Height (without Canopy)
Express L683.0 inches55.5 inches
Express L6 Elite83.0 inches55.5 inches
Express S2 / S2 Elite74.4 inches51.0 inches
Express S4 Elite82.0 inches52.0 inches
Express S6 / S6 Elite74.5 inches51.0 inches
Freedom RXV / RXV 2+2 / RXV Fleet70 inches47.5 inches
Freedom RXV Elite67.5 inches47.5 inches
Freedom TXT Elite68.5 inches47.0 inches
Liberty / Liberty Fleet78 inches54.5 inches

Height of Club Car Golf Carts:

Below is a table showing the heights of some of the latest Club Car golf carts:

Model NameHeight
Precedent / Precedent Stretch PTV69 inches
XRT 950 4×4 or 4×276 inches
Onward 2 Passenger Gas / Electric71 inches
Onward 4 Passenger Gas / Electric71 inches
Precedent 6 Passenger Limo77 inches
XRT 850 SE 6 Passenger Limo77 inches
Tempo68.5 inches
Tempo Lithium-ion68.5 inches

Final Thoughts

To sum up, how tall is a golf cart? This is an important question in golf games as height is an important factor that affects how it performs, how safe it is, and how it feels to use it on the course. Golfers of all shapes and sizes and those with different physical abilities need to understand and optimize the height of their golf carts.

Whether it’s making it easier to get in and out, improving stability on different courses, or providing enough space for taller golfers, height specification shapes the design and function of these omnipresent vehicles.

Course designers also understand the importance of standardizing heights to ensure consistency and safety throughout the golfing experience. As golf courses work to create an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all golfers, golf cart height comes to play an important role. In the grand scheme, golf cart height isn’t just a technical detail; it’s an essential part of golf course management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a vehicle that holds two golfers and carries their clubs. A standard golf cart measures approximately 4 feet wide and 8 feet long by 6 feet high, weighing between 900 and 1,000 pounds (410 to 450 kg). It has a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

How Big Do I Need a Shed for My Golf Cart?

A single golf cart garage is a shed that can accommodate one golf cart. It typically measures 8 to 10 feet by 10 to 12 feet, making it perfect for single-car garages with limited space.

How to Measure a Golf Cart?

Step 1: From left to right, measure the widest part of the golf cart, including the tires, but excluding any side mirrors.
Step 2: From the ground up, measure the highest point of the golf cart.

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