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Enhance Your Golf Game with Golf Club Lead Tape In 2024

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Golf Club Lead Tape
Golf Club Lead Tape
Published: 11 January 2024
Written By Munawar Sultan

Reviewed by Saba khan

Facts checked by Muhammad Asim

Golfers are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over their opponents and improve their scores. Purchasing the newest driver, customizing irons with hunting flags, and adding accessories can all help to improve one’s game.

Golf is a long-term activity, so it is essential to cultivate an exemplary attitude in order to be successful.

If you have not yet learned about Golf Club lead tape, it is likely that you are missing out on a chance to significantly enhance one’s game in a relatively short period of time.

Investing in lead tape is an economical way to adjust one’s clubs and enhance performance without the need to purchase expensive new ones. 

One of the verified purchasers from Amazon , Zachary Shepherd, positively commented on using golf club lead tapes. He noted that the Golf Club Lead tape added sufficient weight to his putter head, and due to its thinness, it did not impede his stroke or ball contact (scuffed putts, etc.). 

Let’s read further information regarding the use , benefits & application of lead tape on different Types of Golf clubs and how potentially Golf Pros use it in PGA Tour.

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Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 7

What is Golf Club Lead Tape?

Lead tape is a form of adhesive tape that is applied to a golf club head or Shaft to enhance the club’s performance. Golfers use lead tape to specific areas of the club to improve the balance, swing weight, and overall feel of the club. 

It allows golfers to customize their clubs to suit their preferences and playing style, thus optimizing the ball flight, distance, and control of the club. Lead tape is an effective and simple way to modify golf clubs without purchasing new equipment.

How Much Golf Club Lead Tape to Use? 

Before we get into where the tape goes and how it’s applied, I want to talk about how much to use. Most golfers like to make big changes in their swing, and you don’t want to do the same with lead tape.

It’s only a small amount that can change your swing weight, like a 1-inch piece. That’s about 2 grams, and it’ll change your club’s swing weight by one unit. Just keep that in mind when you’re using lead tape – you’ll just put one piece on and try it out before you add more. Plus, it’s super easy to take off and on.

Where To Apply Golf Club Lead Tape?

The positioning of the lead tape affects the trajectory of the golf ball. The position of the lead tape is dependent on the golf club being held in the hand.

Let’s check where to apply lead tape on different types of clubs.

1. Lead Tape on Driver

Golf club lead tape
Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 8

Using lead tape on your driver can be a great way to tweak how it performs depending on your swing and how you play.

You’ll need to decide where you want to put it depending on what you want to change, like how the club is balanced, how much you’re swinging, or what kind of ball flight you want. Here are some of the most common places to put lead tape on drivers.

Head and Hosel 

Applying lead tape to the driver’s head and vicinity of the hosel can facilitate a shift of the CG (center of gravity) towards the club’s heel, which may enable a draw or a decrease in the slice. Additionally, this can result in a more head-heavy club, which is a preference of some golfers for improved clubhead stability.

Back of the Driver’s Head 

The use of lead tape on the back of a driver’s head can lead to an increase in the club’s overall weight. It may result in a greater sense of control and a slight decrease in clubhead speed in cases of excessive swing speed.

Heel and Toe 

Lead tape can be applied to the driver’s head’s heel or toe to facilitate shot shaping. The heel tape can facilitate a draw, while the toe tape can facilitate a fade. Lead tape can also have an impact on the club’s stability.


By wrapping lead tape around the Shaft just below the grip, the balance point can be shifted towards the grip, which some golfers may prefer for increased control and a more comfortable feel at the head.

2. Lead Tape on Irons 

Golf club lead tape
Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 9

It is suggested that the lead tape be applied to the irons where most of the weight resides. Professional golfers typically use the lead tape to the irons directly behind the center of the club to increase the weight of the clubhead for greater accuracy. 

For cavity-backed irons, the lead tape should be placed into the cavity to facilitate straighter shots, as well as the heel and toe, depending on the desired alteration.

3. Lead tape on Wedges:

Golf club lead tape
Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 10

Lead tape can enhance the feel and stability of a golfer’s club during the swing. It can be used to adjust the overall weight of the club and the swing weight of the wedge, as well as to fine-tune its performance. The application of lead tape to wedges can be used in various ways to customize a golf club.

One of the most common applications of lead tape is to increase the overall weight of a club. It can be achieved by adding a roll of high-density tape to the club head, which can be used to increase the weight of the club head and the swing weight. It can help to improve the club’s overall feel and stability, as well as provide better control and a consistent strike at impact.

In addition, lead tape can modify the CG of a wedge. For example, the front portion of the sole near the face can be repositioned to lower and forward. It can result in a decrease in ball flight and spin rates, which can be beneficial for certain shots or golf courses.

4. Lead Tape on Putters:

Golf club lead tape
Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 11

The use of lead tape should be applied evenly and symmetrically. If the purpose of the tape is solely to add weight, then it should be applied to the sole or rear of the club head. 

If there is a problem with pushing, then add more tape to the heel; if there is an issue with pulling, then tape should be applied toward the toe. Some golfers find lead tape effective, particularly when the putting stroke is lifted well off the ground, as demonstrated by Rickie Fowler.

On the other hand, some golfers may find the lead tape to be an impediment to their swing, particularly if they are prone to grazing their putter head on the green.

5. Lead Tape on the Shaft 

Golf club lead tape
Enhance your golf game with golf club lead tape in 2024 12

Using lead tape on a golf shaft may appear to be an odd concept, as it may cause damage to the graphite shaft. It is an effective method of testing whether or not a heavier shaft is necessary before purchasing the new set.

To ensure that the tape is not visible, it is recommended to place it on the back of the club. Generally, golf club shafts are weighted in increments of 10 grams, and a 5-inch lead tape piece would add approximately 10 grams of weight to the Shaft. 

How to apply Golf Club Lead Tape?

Applying lead tape to a golf club can be an effective way to adjust the weight and equilibrium of the club to accommodate the individual’s swing. The following are the instructions for applying lead tape to the golf club.

Gather Materials 

To complete the task, it is necessary to acquire the necessary materials, such as lead tape, a knife or scissors with sharp edges, and rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning the Club Head

The club head should be wiped down with rubbing alcohol or a clean cloth. It will eliminate any impurities or oils that may impede the tape from adhering correctly.

Measure the club head 

To determine the amount of tape to apply to the club head, it is necessary to measure the club head using either a ruler or a measuring tape.

Cut the Tape

Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the lead tape to the desired length. Make sure to cut the tape slightly longer than the measurement of the clubhead to ensure full coverage.

Apply the Tape

Apply the lead tape carefully to your clubhead. Begin at the top of the club face and work down to your toe and heel, pressing the tape firmly into your clubhead to ensure it sticks.

Smooth out the wrinkles 

To ensure a neat and even application, it is recommended to use your fingers to remove any excess wrinkles or bubbles from the tape.

Trim the access tape

Once the tape has been applied, use a knife or scissors to cut any excess tape that has extended beyond the circumference of the clubhead.

Repeat on other clubs 

If you want to use lead tape on other clubs in your bag, do the same for each.

Is Golf Club Lead Tape legal?

It is permissible to apply lead tape to any golf clubs and shafts by Article 14-3 of the Rules of Golf. It must be used before the commencement of the round.

Golf Club Lead Tape Used By Golf Pros in PGA Tour

PGA Tour pros love to tweak their clubs. It’s not just because they’re really into the game; they can feel the difference when they add lead tape to their swing.

Phil Mickelson likes to put it on the Shaft of his putter, which is a really special spot. Other pros like John Daly and Nicklaus have also done this. If you were to go to the tour fitting van, you’d see a ton of lead tape.

Best Golf Club Lead Tape

Luckily, the type of golf tape you use matters less than the other stuff you use on your clubs. I’m a big fan of Brampton Lead Tape because it’s the perfect size – 1/2 inch – and it looks and feels great. It’ll come off after a while, so don’t be scared off by the bigger roll – you’ll use it eventually.

Final Thoughts On Golf Club Lead Tape:

Lead tape is a great way to adjust the weight of your clubs and the shaft to improve your game. But it’s important to remember that it’s just a temporary fix and should only be used to fix the big issues like grip, stance, and alignment. Earl Woods, one of the top golf teachers, says that “the set up is the answer to all swing faults.” 

Lead tape has been around for a long time, but it’s less popular than before. But when you combine it with new adjustable tech, you can use this cheap tool to adjust the weight to get better results on every shot.

Test it at the range and on the putting green first, then add 3-4 pieces before you test your performance. Put one piece on the club you want to fix, hit some balls, and you’ll see your results.

Hopefully, you get the right information regarding Golf club lead tape now, and you can get extra scores in your game after using golf lead tape. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Golf Club Lead Tape still a good idea for golfers? 

If so, you’ll need much of it to improve your club’s performance. But where it makes a difference is in the overall weight and swing weight of your club. The more tape you add to your club, the heavier it gets, and some players just like it that way.

Is Golf Club Lead Tape Safe to Use?

Lead tape, or lead foil, as it is sometimes called, is generally safe to use as long as it is used correctly.

What is Golf Club Lead Tape made of? 

Lead tape is usually made up of long, thin metal strips that are rolled up. Depending on the metal, the thickness can be as small as 0.003″ as large as 2mm.

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